Our curriculum teaches more than facts and figures.

At Fredericksburg Christian school, we believe that children need more than facts and figures to grow. They need values. Our curriculum is designed to educate and transform the whole person. We provide academic excellence while integrating a Biblical worldview into every lesson.

The classroom environment echoes the same message. Our teachers take the time to mentor each individual. Students learn not only how to write, but how to deliver assignments with integrity. They gain knowledge of history, but with an understanding of how it fits into the story of God.

Our 1-to-1 Initiative provides children in every grade with iPads to aid their learning. Plus, from 5th through 12th grade, each student has their own iPad. We see the importance of digital learning. So much, in fact, that we wrote an entire curriculum around it. As early as preschool, our iExcel program teaches students about how to use technology. Integrated into the program is age-appropriate education on how to stay safe when connected to a world of ideas and images.

Browse through the curriculum guides, and see why we’re so proud of our academics.

Parent Resources

We know that you want to keep tabs on your children. And, we appreciate your involvement in their education. Check out our Parent/Teacher Partnership policy, that allows teachers to enforce the values you’re teaching at home. Stay up-to-date on school closings and emergencies with our Instant Alert system. Plus, browse our curriculum guides by grade.


More than 25,000 up-to-date books, DVDs, and resources can be found across two campus libraries. With 0ur Destiny library management system, everything is available online. Our teachers and Library Media Specialists utilize these incredible spaces to teach students the research and investigatory skills necessary for their future.


Our classrooms are truly infused with technology. Written by our exceptional team, the iExcel program is incorporated at all age levels, and teaches students about proper technology usage, and how to make Christ-honoring decisions when online. Personal iPad, SMART boards, a library Maker Space, and Skype sessions with students in Kenya are just a few examples of this important initiative.

What Our Parents Say

“Teachers Here Want the Best for Me”

FCS can be academically challenging, and I appreciate that. I like the fact that the teachers here want the best for me and want to see me truly learn and grow. I feel that I am being prepared to graduate and enter not only college but ‘the real world.’

-Grace, Class of 2015

“History is the Story of God”

I feel called to teaching, and I love doing so in a place where the truth is taught and all are encouraged to grow in the knowledge of God. History is the story of God revealing Himself and engaging in relationship with man. We talk about that constantly in history class.

-Amy Cox, 8th Grade History Teacher

Learning Together

Thankful to be in our New Elementary Building!

Thanks to our generous donors for helping make our new preschool and elementary school building a reality. Praise be to God for His provisions for FCS!

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Lower School – Moving Day!

New Elementary School Update – April 2020

FCS Families, While you are busy navigating the online learning process at home, the construction team is hard at work on your new school! They are working diligently to make sure that you have a fresh, beautiful building to call home once we are together again.  We are praying for the construction team’s safety every day and we ask that

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