As a parent, you recognize that a school’s curriculum is as important to your child’s success as the culture and community. You want to be sure they are adequately challenged, but also want to know that they have access to their teachers, feel comfortable asking questions, and experience high expectations and Christian values in the classroom.

Fredericksburg Christian School is a private Christian college preparatory school in Fredericksburg, Virginia, serving students in grades pre-K through 12. Our curriculum is academically advanced and fully integrated with Biblical truths. FCS provides students with a Christian worldview they will carry with them throughout college and into their careers.

Curriculum Guides are available for Pre-K3, Pre-K4, and K through 8th grade.
An Academic Handbook is available for grades 9 through 12.

Class Sizes That Work

An average class size of 20 students allows for more individual attention, and some classes are much smaller. Our dedicated teachers are able to take the time to really know their students.

Hands-On Learning

Students learn best by doing. We keep them engaged with hands-on activities, small group projects, field trips, and creative collaboration inside and outside the classroom.

Incorporating the Tools of Their Generation

Technology is introduced early on at FCS, and  students are taught how to use it responsibly. At the Lower School, classrooms have a device for every student to assist in age appropriate education during school hours. Starting in grade 6, students have their own iPad for supplemental learning and instruction that can be used both in the classroom and at home.

Tailored College and Career Guidance

Our dedicated guidance department helps shepherd students not only toward what’s next, but also what’s the best fit for them. More than 95% of Fredericksburg Christian graduates go on to college.

An Interdenominational Community with a Christ-Centered Curriculum

United in Christ, more than 140 churches are represented among our campus community. Our curriculum, from preschool through high school, incorporates a Biblical worldview and emphasizes character development.


3-4 year olds

With a 9:1 student-to-teacher ratio, our littlest learners are getting personalized attention while they’re busy building early math and literacy skills. Our teachers incorporate lots of hands-on activities and movement for development of large and fine motor skills.


5 year olds

Through hands-on learning and small group projects, students receive daily instruction in Bible, language arts, math, reading, science, and social studies, and move on to first grade knowing an extensive list of sight words, reading one- and two-vowel words, and recognizing numbers up to 100.



Grades 1-5 are when students build on their solid academic foundation.  They are challenged in the subjects areas of Bible, language arts, fine arts, math, P.E., science, and social studies. At the Lower School, classrooms have a device for every student to assist in age appropriate education during school hours.

Middle School


Grades 6-8 are when students can start choosing electives, allowing them to dive into subject areas that interest them, including art, band, computer, and more. Academic projects and service learning encourage students to take on leadership roles.

High School

9th -12th

Grades 9-12 provide students with a rigorous curriculum, including dual enrollment and AP courses. Our dedicated guidance department works with students to develop their God-given talents and abilities, and helps determine what that means for achieving their future goals.

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We want to say thank you, educators and staff, for all of your hard work and dedication! We are grateful for how the teachers inspire our kids to be kind Christian “human beings” and strong academically! We are grateful for the relationships they are building, for the memories they will share for a lifetime, and for all those special moments they come home telling us about – and allowing us a front row seat to their joy!

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Creative expression. Athletic ability. Leadership. Serving others. No matter your child’s passion or interest, FCS has something to offer.

Our Upper School Guidance office walks beside students and their families as they determine what God has in store. A dedicated counselor helps with everything from scheduling classes to identifying scholarship opportunities to college and career planning.

Our upper and lower school libraries are great resources for students and teachers. FCS’s Destiny library management system makes all resources available online, maximizing accessibility.

Students benefit from the iExcel program, which teaches proper technology usage to all ages. Every student in grades 6-12 has their own school-issued iPad. SMART boards are in every classroom and our libraries are equipped with a Maker Space.

FCS students study music starting in preschool. By grade 5, they’re able to  participate in chorus, band, or orchestra. For budding performers, fall and spring productions are open to all students. Visual artists are inspired by drawing, painting, and many other creative mediums.

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