Expected Student Outcomes

FCS trains students to be Christian Leaders for Life using these Expected Student Outcomes as goals for every student.


Faith That Inspires

  • Become a disciple of Jesus and lead others to do the same
  • Make God’s word central in their life
  • Defend and share their faith
  • Respect authority and understand its vital role
  • Recognize role in the nuclear family


Critical Thinking

  • Work to achieve at their level of God-given potential
  • Think wisely and critically
  • Communicate with excellence verbally and in written form
  • Use technology to equip, expand, create, engage, and learn
  • View learning as a lifelong process

Social & Personal


  • Recognize and use gifts, talents, and abilities to benefit the body of Christ
  • Serve as a US and World Citizen by putting others first
  • Form healthy relationships that demonstrate Christ’s love
  • Appreciate deeply all of God’s creation
  • Be a good steward of one’s physical body