Variable Tuition

Let’s make this work.

The purpose of the variable tuition program is to make Christian education accessible to more families, by providing a reduced rate. We base reduced rates on each family’s specific financial situation. Variable tuition is a need-based financial aid structure – similar to those used by other private schools, colleges, and universities. Any family in need of assistance may apply. Preschool families must be in our 5-day program to be considered for variable tuition.

Factors like income, family circumstances, and the cost of living in the Fredericksburg region are reviewed by a third party: FACTS Grant & Aid. Each request is then reviewed by the FCS Financial Aid Committee, who makes the final award. Currently, 71% of our students receive a reduced tuition due to either variable tuition or one of the discounts we offer (multiple child, advanced pay, alumni or employee discounts.)

Variable Tuition – Application Process

The 24-25 school entrance application must be completed before variable tuition assistance is considered. 

Before you begin your application on the FACTS Grant & Aid website, you’ll want to have applied for the students and grade levels needed and have the following documents ready. They will need to be uploaded to FACTS Grant & Aid to supplement your application.

  1. Completed 2023 Federal Tax Return including all supporting tax schedules
  2. 2023 W-2 forms for all individuals listed on the tax return
  3. Documentation for Social Security income and Child Support
  4. A letter written to the Variable Tuition Review Committee about your financial circumstances, including the amount that you feel that you can pay monthly
FACTS Grant & Aid Phone  |   1-866-412-4637A processing fee of $40 will be required to submit your Variable Tuition application.


Variable Tuition – Important Dates

Application Submission DateAward Notification Letter Mailed
On or before March 15, 2024By April 30, 2024
On or before April 15, 2024By May 30, 2024
On or before May 15, 2024By June 30, 2024
After May 15, 2024 – Contact the Business Office

Children’s Tuition Fund

When you apply for variable tuition, your application will also be evaluated to see if your family is eligible to receive assistance through the Children’s Tuition Fund. You can learn more about this program by clicking the button below.