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Fred Nats Stadium – 2021 Home of the FCS Eagles

Lower School – Moving Day!

40 Stories for 40 Years FCS Alum: Mike Donehey

FCS Alum: Mike Donehey “Mike played sports, participated in the arts, and made life-long friendships during his time at FCS. “Graduating with over 60 friends who’ve you known since you were five was a pretty incredible experience too when I think about it. Not a lot of people can say that. I would say I probably felt more grounded than

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FCS Alumna Teacher and The Last Great Race®

March can be a tough time of year for teachers.  The kids are tired.  Teachers are tired.  The routine has become a bit mundane – how about the Last Great Race®? But for FCS teacher alumna, Heidi Montague Sloan, and her 5th grade students, March is something to look forward to. The Last Great Race®! And next school year this event

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Why Settle 3,400 Miles Away?

You never know how much influence you may have on a person. Or how many people or cultures that could be impacted by that influence. This is the case with Jesse Zimmerman ’07, who has settled 3,400 miles away from his hometown of Fredericksburg, VA.

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We do not keep copies of diplomas. If you are in need of a diploma, one will need to be ordered from Jostens for a fee.
Please contact the High School office at 540-371-3852 to help you with this process.
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