Spiritual Life

We seek after Christ each and every day.

Weekly Chapel

Each week, students gather together in chapel for a time of worship. With separate services for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school, each chapel is planned with age-appropriate content and activities. Worship is an integral part of a believer’s life, and chapel provides an opportunity to corporately glorify God. Students are able to participate in worship by singing, praying, and reading God’s Word. As our students listen and interact with chapel speakers, our desire is to see God’s Word change their hearts and minds.


It has been amazing to watch God plant a mission vision in the hearts of the FCS high school family. Our first group of 11 student missionaries went to Guatemala in 1991. Since that time, we have expanded from one trip per year to three or four trips trip opportunities annually. Domestic trips have sent our students to Kentucky, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Richmond, VA. International trips have allowed them to travel to places like Guatemala, Uruguay, Peru, Kenya, Argentina, Haiti, Nicaragua, France, and El Salvador. During trips, students have participated in a variety of activities including plucking chickens, building classrooms, digging drainage ditches, teaching baseball, singing on TV, sharing with kids on the street, and using caving and climbing excursions to teach about trust, faith, and being a light in the world.

All of the teams are grateful for the doors of ministry that God has opened, but we are also thankful for the many who have supported these projects both in prayer and financially.