Providing students with a strong foundation.

Middle school is an exciting time of transition and growth for your child. You might be nervous about the social pressures they will face or how you will help them navigate their growing independence. But middle school is an opportunity to instill confidence in your child — a chance to give them a sturdy spiritual foundation, the tools to solidify their values, and the lessons necessary to prepare them academically for high school and college.

Fredericksburg Christian School’s middle school program is designed to be a time of positive influences and a rigorous curriculum ensuring a smooth transition between elementary school and high school. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:

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Aligning values with character building.

Middle school is a season of growth and opportunity as pre-teens learn to navigate conflict and build healthy relationships. We guide our students by teaching them to:

Honor Christ, self, and each other.

At FCS, every class and event starts with prayer. Weekly chapels and keeping Christ at the center of all we do to help foster a culture of respect. 

Form meaningful relationships.

From peer interactions to teacher-student relationships, middle schoolers learn positive communication habits and advocacy. 

Develop character.

Through leadership opportunities like our IMPACT program, healthy competition on the field or court, and service projects, students learn to rely on their values and integrity.

Make good decisions.

Our community, culture, and curriculum fosters a loving knowledge of Jesus Christ, evident in everything we do. Students uphold our code of conduct and healthy behavior is modeled by students and staff.

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the caring and responsiveness from staff has blown us away. To top it off, our son is learning from a biblical viewpoint. We couldn’t be happier…

Desiree and Joseph Clarke

A Multi-Sensory Approach to Academics

As high school nears, middle school is a critical time for students to become familiar  with how they learn best. At FCS, we accommodate auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners by incorporating multi-sensory approaches to assignments and projects. Each student has their own iPad, and technology is integrated into our research, study, presentations, evaluations, and projects.

Real World Experience

Critical thinking. Problem solving. Empathy. Negotiation. Through service and leadership, students apply a Biblical perspective to life skills. The IMPACT leadership program at FCS teaches students how to advocate for themselves and others, and also provides the experience of planning and executing activities and events throughout the year. Classrooms encourage a small group approach to academic, relational, and spiritual objectives, requiring students to think through and discuss the cause and effect of words, actions, and ideas.

Enriching Activities

The middle school years are often when students discover new interests and passions. FCS provides avenues for students to explore their gifts and talents. Some may find they love acting on the stage or singing in the choir, while others find joy in designing layouts in the yearbook, tinkering in the STEM club, or taking on a leadership role in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

Competitive Athletics

Middle school students have the opportunity to play team sports, taking their education outside the classroom to learn sportsmanship, teamwork, perseverance, and discipline. Our full list of sports available for middle school includes baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, football, golf, soccer, swim, track, and volleyball. Club sports include clay target shooting, eSports, and fishing.


Preparing them for what’s next.

As your child grows in independence, the decisions they make are going to hold more significance. You want them to have a positive middle school experience, but also look ahead. Everything we do at FCS is designed to help our students become confident, responsible individuals who are prepared for high school and beyond.

An Individualized Approach

Beginning in 6th grade, the FCS Director of Curriculum & Instruction works hand-in-hand with our middle school teachers, ensuring we meet students where they are, supporting students across all content areas and helping close any academic gaps before high school.

Early Adaptation

Dress code guidelines. Extracurricular activities. Joint chapels. JV and Varsity sports. Middle school students are eased into FCS high school policies and routines so that by the time they start their freshman year, everything looks and feels familiar.


Middle school students have opportunities to interact with high schoolers through joint chapels, team sports, Senior Buddies, shepherding groups, and shared hallways when changing classes. The FCS 8th Grade Retreat  is a 3-day event held on campus and in the local area. The goal of the retreat is to begin to prepare students for their high school experience. The three days of fun and spiritual growth include small group activities, team competitions, games that have become FCS tradition, and a special dinner off campus.

A Supportive and Safe Place to Learn and Grow

At FCS, student safety is our priority. In addition to protocols in place for physical safety, we also teach students how to be responsible for themselves and the greater community. Our IMPACT program teaches students self-advocacy skills. Administrative protocols are in place for students struggling with peer relationships, such as bullying. Anonymous Alert is a program that gives students a way to alert FCS staff if there is a need for intervention. Student surveys help administrators have a better picture of the social, emotional, and spiritual environment at FCS so programming can be tailored accordingly.

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