Tuition at Fredericksburg Christian School

As a parent, you understand how significantly your child’s learning environment will impact them, both now and in the future. There are things that a Christian education can offer — academics taught from a Biblical perspective, mentorship, and enrichment opportunities to learn, serve, and lead — but you might be concerned about how the cost of private school tuition will affect your family’s budget or lifestyle.

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We are committed to making an excellent, Christ-centered education accessible to families in Fredericksburg, VA, and the surrounding area. Affordability is an important consideration for parents, which is why we offer variable tuition.

At Fredericksburg Christian School, students move through a strong academic program with character education and Biblical truth integrated into every subject area. As a result, they develop a lifelong Christian worldview which allows them to make a difference in the world through various fields. 

  • Students receive individual attention and mentorship in the classroom and beyond because we offer intimate class sizes
  • A full athletic program, vibrant fine arts offerings, and  interest-based clubs and leadership opportunities enrich the learning experience
  • Christ-centered faculty partner with parents,  reinforcing the values being taught at home
  • Challenging academics, AP, DE & honors courses, leadership opportunities, and the best technology allow our students to thrive in the classroom and exceed national average test scores
  • Students flourish in a safe, positive, and close-knit community with a wide variety of opportunities to stay engaged and grow

Affording an FCS Education

While considering school options, so many families approach the cost of private education with one of these strong assumptions:

If this is the tuition, then we can’t afford this school because we don’t earn enough.
We shouldn’t even bother asking about financial aid because I’m sure we earn too much to qualify for any assistance.

In reality, many families with a range of incomes do qualify for financial aid. Variable Tuition is a means of helping as many families as possible afford the best education possible for their children. We know that is truly every family’s first priority, and the variable tuition system we use at FCS provides a clear, impartial, and transparent process for determining your financial aid eligibility. 

Our Variable Tuition application is easy to complete, and we offer a scholarship program as well. After you apply for your child(ren), we’ll be able to tell you exactly what your family’s tuition costs will be. Many families are happily surprised to learn that our exceptional education really is affordable for them.

71% of our students currently receive a reduced tuition due to either variable tuition or one of the discounts we offer (multiple child, advanced pay, alumni, or employee discounts)

2024-2025 Tuition Rates

As you consider Fredericksburg Christian School, we welcome your questions about variable tuition, financial aid, payment plans, or whatever else comes to mind. Our admissions team is here to help you process this decision, so you can choose which learning environment is best for your child with confidence.

Grade LevelTuitionActivity FeeTech FeeAnnual
PreK 3-4 year olds – 8:15 am – 12:30 pm
5 Days / Week$6,513$60N/A$6,573
3 Days / Week$4,885$60N/A$4,945
2 Days / Week (PK 3 Only)$3,258$60N/A$3,318
K – 1/2 Day – 8:15 am – 12:30 pm $8,145$85$220$8,450
Grades 1-5 – 8:15 am – 3:15 pm $11,432$100$220$11,752
Grades 6-8 – 7:45 am – 2:45 pm $12,706$195$370$13,271
Grades 9-12 – 7:45 am – 2:45 pm $13,440$325$370$14,135
*Tuition includes all textbooks. Activity fee includes retreats and field trips. Technology fee includes our iPad program. Insurance for iPads is additional and optional, though highly encouraged.
Use Our Tuition Estimate Calculator

2024-2025 Extended Care Rates

Preschool & Kindergarten – Extended Care:

Days a WeekBefore School Care (6:30 AM – opening)Afternoon School Care (12:30 – 3:15 PM)After School Care (12:30 – 6:00 PM)
5 Days/Week$993$2,616$4,264
4 Days/Week$841$2,221$3,604
3 Days/Week$676$1,779$2,901
2 Days/Week$498$1,309$2,135
1 Day/Week$275$705$1,164
*Extended care is NOT guaranteed. It is staff and space dependent.

Lower School (Grades 1 – 5) – Extended Care:

Days a WeekBefore School Care (6:30 AM – opening)After School Care (3:15 – 6:00 PM)
5 Days/Week$993$3,218
4 Days/Week$841$2,888
3 Days/Week$676$2,413
2 Days/Week$498$1,610
1 Day/Week$275$819
*Extended care is NOT guaranteed. It is staff and space dependent.

2024-2025 Transportation Fees

Due to increased demands, bus transportation is not guaranteed and buses are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis as our enrollment packets are processed. We typically maintain a waitlist for each route throughout the year. However, we also provide a carpool list option which allows you to partner with other families in your area.

Bus Route Fees – Riding both AM & PM:

# of Children Riding AM & PMKing GeorgeNorth StaffordSouth StaffordRoute 3 – WestSpotswoodBurlington/
3 or more$3,234$3,337$1,843$2,796$1,276$1,482
If gasoline prices rise, these fees may need to be adjusted.

Bus Route Fees – Riding AM Only or PM Only

# of Children Riding AM or PM ONLYKing GeorgeNorth StaffordSouth StaffordRoute 3 – WestSpotswoodBurlington/
3 or more$2,021$2,085$1,152$1,747$797$926
If gasoline prices rise, these fees may need to be adjusted.

View the FAQ below to learn more about tuition, payment options and discounts. 

Continuous Enrollment

Our streamlined enrollment process eliminates the hassle of annual re-enrollment and multiple deposits. Once enrolled, your student’s spot is reserved through their graduation date (unless you notify the school of your intention to withdraw your student by the annual deadline of February 15th.)  Read more about Continuous Enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we do not qualify for Variable Tuition, are there other ways to save on tuition?

Yes! Additional discounts available include:

Multiple Child Discount

Families with two or more children will receive a tuition discount for each child as follows:

(Student in the highest grade level is considered the first child.)

2nd Child – 10%           |  3rd child – 20%           |  4th Child – 25%

Alumni Discount

All children of FCS alumni – in grades pre-K3 (5-day) through 12th grade – will qualify for a $600 discount after all other applicable discounts have been applied.  To qualify for this discount, at least one parent must have graduated from Fredericksburg Christian School after attending for at least two years (K5 – 12th grade). Only one alumni discount per child is allowable maximum – $600 per child).

Advance Payment Discount

A 1.75% tuition discount only applies if tuition and fees are paid in full on or before July 1, of the upcoming school year.