iExcel Program

Our iExcel program focuses on five key areas, as we teach students to use technology in age appropriate ways. Students learn not only how to use technology programs, but also how to handle personal technology choices in ways that honor the Lord and further His kingdom.

At the elementary level, students are exposed to iPads, SMART Boards, desktop and laptop PCs, and various other technology tools. During a weekly computer class, and in their classrooms, students learn technology basics, internet navigation and safety skills, word processing and presentation skills, and digital citizenship. Research skills are taught collaboratively with the computer and library teachers.

At the middle school and high school level, students continue to have access to iPads, interactive projectors, desktop and laptop PCs, and other technology tools. Plus, our library Maker Space is a great place for students to try out new technology. Various STEM and technology enrichment options are available for Upper School students. High School level computer classes dive into design, using PhotoShop, and InDesign as tools. 

iPad Program

  • Preschool students have a set of iPads for small group use in the classroom.
  • Kindergarten through fifth grade classes have an iPad for each student to use in the classroom.
  • All Upper School students take home a school-owned iPad each day. 

1 Corinthians 10:31

“Therefore whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

Parent Partnership

We believe that education is a partnership with families and we cannot teach appropriate technology use without parental support.  Parents are encouraged to attend technology training sessions led by our FCS Technology Department throughout the year.