Lower School

Private Elementary School for K-5 in Fredericksburg, VA

Lower School

K-5 in Fredericksburg, VA

Dedicated to helping Kindergarten through 5th grade students

Our students develop strong minds and Christ-centered values, while our faculty and staff create an exceptional learning environment. Students are encouraged to sharpen their skills and form a lifestyle of learning, while our faculty partner with parents to reinforce the same values taught at home.


Our curriculum teaches more than facts and figures. We believe that children need values, and
our curriculum is designed to educate and transform the whole person. We provide academic excellence while integrating a Biblical worldview into every lesson. The classroom environment echoes the same message.

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More than 25,000 up-to-date books, DVDs, and resources are housed in our Upper and Lower School libraries. With our Destiny library management system, everything is accessible online. Our teachers and library staff utilize these incredible resources to share the love of reading and to teach students the research and information skills necessary for their future.

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Our classrooms are truly infused with technology. Our iExcel program is incorporated at all age levels to teach proper technology usage, and how to make smart decisions when online. Personal iPad, SMART boards, a library Maker Space, and Skype sessions with students in Kenya are just a few examples of this important initiative.

Technology Program
Kuliasha Family Testimony

"...the heart of every student as their number one priority."

"We love FCS! This is our 4th year at the school. We have a 3rd grader and a Pre-K 4 student. Everyone from the administration to the bus drivers has the heart of every student as their number one priority. In addition to an amazing education, starting in Pre-K3, they teach the importance of manners, obedience and self-control. They continue these lessons throughout the child's education. I love sending my children to a school where the teachers genuinely care about them! There is no other school in the area quite like FCS!"

Karen Smith

Admissions Process


Our admissions process helps us get to know you and your child. We encourage a campus visit before applying. We’ll schedule an interview and also do a little testing, to ensure proper placement.

Our Admissions Process

Variable Tuition


We know that paying for education before college is a big decision. With our variable tuition assistance, we try to makes this unique education available for as many families as possible.

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Fees & Pricing


Our goal is to make an outstanding Christian education as accessible as possible to your family. Our fees & tuition information helps you understand your academic investment.

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