Fredericksburg Christian School is delighted to offer the highest quality preschool programs including pre-K3 and pre-K4 that will meet your family’s needs. With an environment anchored in Christ and designed to encourage exploration and skills development, our preschool gives children a firm foundation for kindergarten. We offer half-day options and extended care for full-day options that will fit right into your lifestyle.


What is a typical day like at FCS preschool (pre-K3 and pre-K4)?

Before you send your child off to preschool, you’ll want to know what a typical preschool day looks like. What will they learn? Will they receive enough support and nurturing? Here is what an average day at preschool will look like:

  • Learning to Learn through Play and Participation: One of the primary functions of a preschool program is helping young children learn how to learn. Preschool teachers help children learn to build an attention span and students learn to listen attentively to both adults and other children. They practice sharing and taking turns through playtime in the classroom. Children learn patience when they are taught to raise their hand and wait to be called on before speaking, as well as how to follow multi-step directions. Teachers use visual cues, kind reminders, and fun games to help children learn helpful life skills.
  • Reading and Writing Skill Development: Teachers make reading and writing fun for young children. In addition to reading aloud, teachers encourage the students to explain what’s happening in the pictures and ask them simple comprehension questions. Preschool students practice making up their own stories with dramatic play during playtime. They work on writing skills by telling stories with their drawings or by free-writing whatever their hearts desire. Throughout their time in preschool, this kind of pre writing will progress from pictures and scribbles to include letter attempts to spell actual words.
  • Building a Foundation for Mathematics: Preschool is a time when children are building an early foundation for mathematical understanding. By practicing with calendars and games children will begin to count, understand one-to-one correspondence and make connections between numerals and quantities. In addition, students will develop mathematical understanding through play with blocks and other toys. Instruction is delivered in short sessions, and students have many opportunities to develop their understanding in preschool. Children also will learn to sort items according to different attributes–they use shapes to create designs and build structures. They play games that involve planning and strategy to develop their logical thinking abilities. At Fredericksburg Christian School, our preschool teachers are early childhood experts. They know how to adapt their teaching to meet the needs of each individual student, while still nurturing them.

Pre-K3 Skill Objectives:

Children as young as three are well prepared to start setting a foundation for academic success.

In pre-K3 at Fredericksburg Christian School , your child will work on developing the following skills:

  • Motor Skills: fine motor skills development with things like painting and building blocks along with gross motor skills development with activities like kicking a ball and hopping on one foot.
  • Academic Readiness: encourage reading, math, and conceptual readiness, including colors, shapes, and body parts.
  • Social/ Emotional: teachers guide students through appropriate social and emotional interactions, learning respect, sharing, and concern for others.
  • Listening: activities like listening to stories to answer questions, or taking instruction from teachers.
  • Music: encouraged to sing and repeat rhythms in individual and group activities.
  • Self-Reliance: teacher-guided instructions help students to become more independent.
  • Spoken Language: circle time, story time, and teacher/ peer interactions develop the ability to speak clearly and expand vocabulary.
  • Art: students participate in art activities, learning to use materials properly and clean-up after each project.

Pre-K4 Skill Objectives

Preschool at Fredericksburg Christian School children are almost ready for kindergarten.

Time invested in Pre-K4 ensures that your child will have a smooth and successful transition into elementary school:

  • Motor Skills: fine motor skills development with things like holding a pencil and using scissors, while gross motor skills are developed with activities like balancing and skipping.
  • Practical: learn to say first and last name, as well as their current age.
  • Social/ Emotional: teachers guide students through appropriate social and emotional interactions, learning respect, feelings, and good self-image.
  • Listening: strengthening listening skills with extended attention span and responding to questions about stories.
  • Self-Reliance: teacher-guided instructions help students to become more independent.
  • Spoken language: circle time, story time, and teacher/ peer interactions develop the ability to wait for their turn and use sentences.
  • Math Readiness: learning numbers, categorizing objects, and rote counting.
  • Reading Readiness: phonemic and phonics approaches helps children to practice skills that will let them become readers. Work Habits: develop ability to follow directions, work in small groups, and not disrupt class.

What does the best preschool in Fredericksburg have to offer?

The preschool at Fredericksburg Christian School offers the best learning methods available for our 3 and 4 year olds.

Learning through Play

Young children primarily learn through play. A great early learning center will include play-focused learning in a variety of imaginative settings. Some examples include the following: domestic play activities such as cooking, playing house, and cleaning; dress-up and dramatic play, like playing with puppets; sensory play, such as a sand and water table; and of course, creative arts. These kinds of interactive activities are very important for a young child’s development and socialization.

Literacy prep

Expect lots and lots of reading at FCS! Students will have ample time to “read” independently, as well as plenty of group story times as a class. One of the most important aspects of language development for young children is being read to, so this will be a big part of an early learning center’s program structure.

Large and fine motor skills development

Our preschool programs provide carefully curated learning centers for the development of both large and fine motor skills. Large motor skills can be worked on with lots of physical activity, such as a playing with balls, climbing, crawling through tunnels, and working on balance. Fine motor skills will be sharpened with activities like stringing beads, assembling puzzles, or building towers with blocks or legos.

Ample time to play outside

Time spent outdoors and away from screens is absolutely essential for early childhood development. Our preschool programs allow ample time for students to play outside, both in structured and unstructured settings. Many schools are including outdoor classroom space in their programs, making the outdoors an even more critical part of the day!

Early exposure to the sciences

Science in pre-K looks a bit different than microscopes and laboratories. It might include planting a garden, taking care of a class pet, examining leaves and rocks, or going on an outdoor bug hunt. Science for a young child looks like exploring the natural world. An early learning center will help nurture a sense of curiosity and a desire for exploration in your little one. Learning styles - as early as preschool, students are exploring all learning styles - tactile, kinesthetic, auditory, visual (examples: pictures of students painting with noses, dancing/singing, etc).

How much is preschool tuition at FCS?

A quality preschool education sets the stage for academic success for the rest of your child’s school years. While the initial investment in an excellent preschool may seem a bit intimidating, Fredericksburg Christian School is committed to offering our exceptional curriculum to as many students in the community as possible.

→ Get Tuition Rates for Pre-3K and Pre-4K at Fredericksburg Christian School


What are families saying about Fredericksburg Christian School?

“This is our second year at FCS. I have four kids spread between both schools. What a gift it has been. Our children have adjusted really well from public school. The teachers and staff are amazing. Just walking in the door you feel the love of Jesus!”
Diana Skinner

“My daughter is in her fifth year at FCS. The staff is wonderful and you can tell they really care about their students. She is getting a first-rate education and absolutely loves it there.”
Jennifer Keller Sayre

“It was truly a blessing to attend FCS, so many loving teachers who care so deeply for their students! 100% recommend!”
Casandra Colon

“Best school ever! Couldn't imagine my family being anywhere else! It's a blessing from The Lord to be able to be a part of FCS! My children are thriving, loved and so very happy! Thank you, FCS, and thank you, teachers! The teachers are truly a part of God's ministry and it shows in all they do!”
Lauren Hill DeArmas

“Love this school! We have had our kids here for 9 years and they all started in Pre School! Couldn't be happier!”
FCS Parent
“FCS has been such a gift from the Lord! We recently moved from out of state and it has been a home for our entire family. The teachers and staff have welcomed our kiddos in as their own and their commitment to meeting high education standards is evident in all they do. We are so grateful for FCS and look forward to our kids growing up here!”
Amy Medders

“We love FCS! This is our 4th year at the school. We have a 3rd grader and a Pre-K4 student. Everyone from the administration to the bus drivers has the heart of every student as their number one priority. In addition to an amazing education, starting in Pre-K3, they teach the importance of manners, obedience, and self-control. They continue these lessons throughout the child's education. I love sending my children to a school where the teachers genuinely care about them! There is no other school in the area quite like FCS!”
Karen Smith

“Christ-centered staff and curriculum, with a mission for excellence in all things. That is why FCS stands above the rest!”
Amy Cox

“Wonderful Christian school, amazing teachers who care, and a healthy, happy, Godly environment to learn in.”
Shizuka Mikudou

Why choose the Preschool at Fredericksburg Christian School?

Parents who choose Fredericksburg Christian’s preschool programs are looking for three important things:

  • Outstanding academics
  • Emphasis on character development
  • A Christ-centered education

Fredericksburg Christian School is an evangelical non-denominational school dedicated to a strong academic program with Christian character and biblical truths integrated into every area, in order that students develop a lifelong Christian worldview.

The purpose of FCS is to glorify God by educating with excellence. At FCS, your preschool age child will find a safe, nurturing environment in which to learn and grow. Learn more about Fredericksburg Christian School's values >

“I have watched my shy, quiet little boy turn into a confident, beaming-with-pride little man while attending FCS Preschool.”  - Preschool Parent

“The classrooms are thoughtfully laid out with numerous areas for self-exploration and group play that cater to the children’s varying interests.” - Preschool Grandparent

“Our three children left FCS Preschool extremely well prepared — spiritually, academically, and socially — for kindergarten.” - Preschool Parent

Fredericksburg Christian School is an integral part of the community.

Currently located at 9404 Thornton Rolling Road, Fredericksburg Christian School's prek program and lower school has joined our upper school to make one FCS campus.

FCS has been a part of Fredericksburg and Stafford communities for over 30 years.

Fredericksburg Christian School is a FredParents Family Favorite award winner and is widely considered one of the finest schools in the area.

Enroll your child today!

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