Middle School

Private School for 6-8th grades in Fredericksburg, VA

Dedicated to nurturing future leaders during this critical developmental stage.

Our middle school students develop strong minds and Christ-centered values, while our faculty and staff create an exceptional learning environment perfectly suited to their students’ unique season of life. Students will foster a lifetime love of learning, as well as build a strong moral compass focused on Biblical principles.

Classroom Environment

Children need more than facts and figures to grow. They need values. Our classrooms are designed to educate and transform the whole person.

We also provide academic excellence outside of the classroom, with special events like the Rake-A-Thon, Reformation Day, Field Trips and Clubs.

Curriculum Guides


Our Middle schoolers have twelve different sports teams to choose from, including Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Swimming, Basketball, Cheerleading, Baseball, Tennis, Softball and Golf. We strive to compete with excellence, intensity and humility; giving students the opportunity to grow into mature men and women.

About Athletics


Our 1-to-1 Initiative provides children in every grade with iPads to aid their learning. Plus, from 5th through 12th grade, each student has their own iPad. We see the importance of digital learning. Integrated into the program is age-appropriate education on how to stay safe when connected to a world of ideas and images.

Technology Program

Parent Reviews

Admissions Process


Our admissions process helps us get to know you and your child. We encourage a campus visit before applying. We’ll schedule an interview and also do a little testing, to ensure proper placement.

Our Admissions Process

Variable Tuition


We know that paying for education before college is a big decision. With our variable tuition assistance, we try to makes this unique education available for as many families as possible.

variable tuition info

Fees & Pricing


Our goal is to make an outstanding Christian education as accessible as possible to your family. Our fees & tuition information helps you understand your academic investment.

Fees & Tuition Info
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