Student Life

Our students have character (and we like to say so).

Step into one of our hallways between classes, or observe our students on the playground, and you’ll see something different. Our students interact with compassion, grace, and kindness. They say sorry when they’ve done something wrong; they share their toys at recess; they hold doors for one another; they respect their elders. They are leaders.

We believe that leadership from a Biblical worldview is crucial. Leadership is a priority for our campuses, which is why we established the Leadership Institute. Those who participate in the institute are encouraged to participate in conferences, workshops, and service activities. They read books that advance their leadership philosophy, and they dedicate time to a club or activity that allows them to put their leadership to the test.

Fulfilling the Leadership Institute requirements unlocks a specialized diploma, and Impact Credits that translate into scholarships at FCS and–for some, higher education. Check out the qualifying events, activities, and books. This just might be for you!

Spiritual Life

Apart from the Biblically-integrated curriculum and faith-filled teachers, we have intentional ways of helping students grow in their relationship with Christ. Weekly chapel and continual missions projects allow kids to act on their belief and spend time in worship with the Lord.  Spiritual life is woven into all that we do as it shapes our learning, conversations and the way we treat one another.

Student Service

With a record of over 7,000 hours of community service fulfilled in 2012, it’s no wonder why FCS students have a heart for service. We have five clubs dedicated to serving the community. Students work with organizations like the Rotary Club, and visit the Presbyterian Home every week to build relationships and serve the disabled.  Serving others helps us develop servant leaders.

High School Student Life

Our high school students are incredibly involved. Eagle Radio (88.1 FM) allows them to extend their reach to the community, and learn the basics of media and journalism. Our Leadership Institute allows participants to understand and follow Christ’s leadership in a real-life way. Plus, with so many clubs and organizations, students find ways to serve others outside the classroom.

A Student Perspective

“Helped Me Get Through”
From middle school to high school was kind of a weird transition for me. What I liked about FCS was that even thought I felt a little bit insecure… my friends, and teachers – I had a close relationship with them – and it really helped me get through.

-Upper School Student

“Taught Me to Lead”
[Worship team] has been a really amazing opportunity. It’s taught me to lead and taught me the importance of spiritual growth.

-Upper School Student

What's New On Campus

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