Our History

1979  |  Launch
In response to a challenge from the Christian community, Gary and Andy Foss established Fredericksburg Christian School at First Christian Church. They began with thirty students and four teachers. Gary served multiple roles as principal, custodian, bus driver, playground supervisor, and secretary.

1988  |  Growing Pains
The vision to serve the entire region in an interdenominational spirit was lived out through the 80’s, as the school grew to multiple locations. The elementary school arrived at New Life in Christ – where it was housed until 2009 – and the Lower School began operation out of Highway Assembly of God, where it continues to reside. In 1988 they had 468 enrolled students.

1991  |  First Senior Class
In 1991, Fredericksburg Christian High School graduated its first class of seniors.

1994  |  75 Acres
Leadership found the land that their current high school stands on – 75 acres off Rte. 17 – and began construction on a new campus.

1995  |  Stafford Campus
Stafford Baptist Church invited FCS to take leadership of its school in 1995, which led to the establishment of Stafford Campus.

1997  |  Fredericksburg Campus Opens
Fredericksburg Christian High School opened its doors in 1997, with 250 students in grades nine through twelve. Total enrollment was 855 students.

2004 |  25 Years of Ministry
Twenty-five years—a quarter century of God’s faithfulness to FCS—was something to celebrate! An aerial photograph of 1200 students forming the number “25”. The leadership baton was passed officially from Gary Foss to Rick Yost as Superintendent. After many months of planning, construction, and delays, the Stafford Campus opened in February of 2004.

2009 |  Athletics & Combining Campuses
We added the much-awaited sport of football to our athletic teams in 2009. After many years of being spread out among separate campuses, the Administrators and Board of Directors made the decision to begin combining campuses. 

2010 |  Legacy
Our 6th grade students joined the other middle schoolers at the Upper School Campus beginning with the 2010-2011 school year. The year began on a solemn note as one of our founders, Mrs. Andra Foss, passed away in August of 2010. Her desire for excellence in all areas was a shining example to us all.

2010 |  Arts Development
Students began the year by writing Bible verses all over the new auxiliary gym floor before the final flooring was installed. Our new Fine Arts wing was also opened. The wing included one art room, two music rooms, and a gym with a stage at one end for drama productions.

2015 |  Capital Campaign
In 2015, a capital campaign was launched to raise funds for a new elementary building, which was designed to accommodate four classes each of PK3-5th grades. It was with heavy hearts that the Board also determined that it would be necessary to close the Stafford campus. 

2019 |  The Legacy Continues
In April, following a 10-year battle with multiple myeloma, FCS founder, Gary Foss went to be with the Lord. Before passing, he knew that the dream of FCS being totally on one campus was about to be realized. The Highway Assembly of God campus was packed up in preparation for a June 2020 move to the new Lower School. This move, however, was particularly challenging as we faced the entirely new experience of conducting school in the middle of a pandemic. Classes continued entirely online March through May of 2020, then the move took place in June.

2020 |  Adapting to Change
In August 2020, we started school in person with countless new COVID-19 protocols and procedures in place. Despite the pandemic, enrollment increased dramatically.

2022 |  Reaching Milestones
In 2022, after two years as Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Heather Lee succeeds Rick Yost as Superintendent. FCS enrollment surpasses 1,000 students, and the vision of our founders continues to influence this ministry to families in our community.