June 27, 1938 – April 6, 2019

If you take a walk around FCS, look in classrooms, talk to teachers, or watch children learning and playing, you will not see or hear anything that is not the result of the work and legacy of Gary and Andy Foss.

With the passing of Mrs. Foss 9 years ago, and the passing of Mr. Foss a month ago, their presence with us is no more, but their influence is as impactful as it was in 1979 when they started FCS.  Nothing currently alive at FCS is untouched by their loving hands.

Remembrances of their work and influence have been a part of daily conversation at FCS for years.  Now, with Gary’s passing, those conversations have even increased in frequency … and they will not diminish in years to come.

Gary was seemingly everywhere in his active 35 years in the ministry.  Look in a classroom and he’d be there seeing what the teacher’s needs might be.  Look in the parking lot and he’d be directing traffic or parking cars.  Look around the site of our latest building/remodeling project and he’d be there with a shovel or a hammer or a wheelbarrow.  And wherever teachers or students or administrators are gathered, he’d be there with a listening ear or a word about the vision of FCS.

The Lord used Gary Foss to create the life of this ministry and Gary was actively involved in every aspect of it.

We will miss Mr. Foss’ fun loving, mischievous spirit, his sharp, detail-oriented mind, his Godly, fatherly wisdom, his exemplary work ethic, his great affection for good, thin-and-crispy cheese pizza with a side of fellowship, his deep, deep love of children, and that gregarious spirit of his that made every one of us feel that we were the most important person in his world.

His was a unique, sweet, and powerful anointing … and we are so grateful that he used it to shower God’s love on all of us so that we could taste of heaven, the place he now enjoys along with his beloved Andy.