In the Waiting . . .

Choosing the right school for your child is a big decision that can bring important questions to any parent’s mind. Will your child be challenged? Nurtured? Supported? Will they be safe? In today’s changing times, the list of questions grows. Do the values of the school line up with your family values? What will your children be exposed to? What will they be influenced by?

It’s no wonder that so many families are choosing to pursue Christian education, deciding that when it comes to their children, a Biblical worldview should be the basis of their educational foundation. Here at Fredericksburg Christian School, we hear stories each day from families who are seeking change.

Maybe you’re a family coming from the local public school system, disenchanted with what you have seen or what you have heard there. We understand you want something different for your children. Maybe you’re coming from a homeschool environment, looking to expand the opportunities available for your children. Regardless of what has brought your family to FCS, your family knows that this is where you want your children to put down roots. The partnership with parents that Fredericksburg Christian provides is what you have been seeking, knowing that we will work together to challenge students academically, socially, emotionally, and most of all – spiritually. You see that here at FCS we strive to be a school that will help develop your children to their full potential, guiding them on whatever path God has for them.

But is there space?

So, you’re excited about enrolling your student in a Christian School, but what happens if all of sudden there is an unexpected roadblock?  What if there’s no room in your student’s grade level? This is a difficulty that many families face on the road toward Christian education. In schools that thrive on small classes where relationship is key, the road towards admissions can be tricky. At FCS, we would love to offer admission to every family who shows that they are aligned with us in mission and purpose. We know that every child is precious, and we see so many who have the ability to thrive here. However, it’s simply not possible.

Space limits us. We don’t have the ability to continue to add new classes because we don’t have the physical room to do so. If we overfill our own classrooms, our teachers would lose the opportunities that small class sizes present, many of which are the reasons that FCS thrives. When classes are overcrowded, what happens to the ability to form relationships? To mentor? To see the individuals that need extra support or challenge, and to provide it? The costs are too great.

Historically, our families stay for the long run. When they choose to enroll their children, they are not thinking of a one-year or two-year commitment, but of their children graduating from FCS. This means that we generally have very limited spaces for new students to enroll each year, which we know can be frustrating to new families as they navigate the wait pool or the potential of having one child find a spot while another does not. We know it is not easy.

What do you do when you find yourself in this position? It’s a question we’re asked every day. It’s one that I have personal experience with, not just as the admissions director, but as a parent. When we made the decision to switch our own children over to FCS from public school, my youngest was able to enroll. For my oldest, the grade was full. We made the choice to split our children and wait, trusting that God was in control. I truly do understand the position that many parents find themselves in after they have decided FCS is the right fit, but the timing just doesn’t seem to line up. If you are in this spot yourself, there are some things that help might help you in the waiting.

Trust that God has a plan. His plan might look different than what you think it should. It might not be convenient. But He is in control. Trust in His timing. Know that He is with you and places people around you to support you. Lean on them. And know that He will lead you in the right direction.

When my youngest child enrolled, I will admit that we were a “try it out” family. We had never considered Christian education before, but we could see that where we were was no longer optimal for my children. We planned on one year to see how it went. Having two children in two different schools certainly was not easy. However, it helped us to really evaluate what mattered to us as a family. When you can see two options side-by-side, it’s easier to see which option works for you – and for us, that was FCS. We realized that our trial period was over, and were committed to Christian education, no matter what sacrifices that meant for our family. When applications came in for the following year, mine was one of the first ones in.

Eventually, a spot did open for my oldest son. I still remember driving to the school for my son’s testing. I understand the nerves many of you feel. Leaving the school and being able to text all my friends who had been praying was amazing. My children are now thriving at FCS, and we know that the wait was worth it. God’s plan was clear, and part of it was helping us to realize what we needed for our family and understand how pivotal it was to our family.

If you find yourself in the waiting, know that we understand. Some of us have been there ourselves, whether it is as parents or as former students. You are always welcome to reach out and check in to see how grades are progressing, and please know that we’re checking every day, too. We want nothing more than to be able to call and let you know that we have a space available.