Christian School Curriculum Guide for Preschool (What Parents Can Expect Their Child to Be Learning)

As a parent, you may be looking for a Christian school curriculum guide for the preschool years. Preschool is a big step for your child. It’s often the first significant time they’ve spent in a classroom setting, and it will start preparing them for the years of school to come. You need to rest assured in knowing that your child is getting the best, most nurturing educational experience possible. Here are the key elements to expect out of your preschooler’s day:

Christian School Curriculum Guide

1. Motor skills development

A preschool curriculum will always include ample development of both fine (painting, drawing, building with blocks, etc.) and gross (running, jumping, climbing, etc.) motor skills. These skills are essential for your child’s overall development and should be incorporated into every part of the school day.

2. Social skills & emotional development

Educators will carefully shepherd students through healthy and appropriate social interaction with one another. This includes learning conflict resolution, sharing, empathy, and channeling big feelings into a healthy response.

3. Music and the arts

Students will learn and participate in painting, drawing, and craft projects. They will listen to music, sing, and experience different simple instruments. They will also be exposed to the dramatic arts,and can participate in activities like dress-up and make-believe play.

4. Academic readiness

Students will be encouraged to build skills in reading, math, writing, speaking, listening, and pattern recognition. All of these skills will prepare them for a more academically intensive format in the future. Preschoolers will receive an excellent foundation for kindergarten and beyond.

5. Self-reliance

Preschoolers will begin to learn self-reliance and independence by following directions, completing tasks, and engaging in independent unstructured play. Self-reliance can be taught in many facets throughout every school day.

6. The Bible

Preschoolers will receive ample, age-appropriate Bible education during the school day. They will begin to set a foundational knowledge of God’s love and compassion for them, for others, and for the world at large.

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