In Memory of Howie Holmes

MARCH 4, 1961 – FEBRUARY 20, 2018



From former students:

“One of my favorite people on the planet. It’s surreal that he’s gone.”

“Mr. Holmes was someone I could always confide in and he would always give me his honest opinion. He was just a genuine person and a great influence. He will be greatly missed, but I know he leaves a great legacy behind with all that knew him.”

“Mr. Holmes was the best teacher I ever had. He accepted me and mentored me. I don’t know that I’d be where I am today without having had him in my life. He was an amazing human being.”

“He was such a kind man who had a gift to reach into the lives of teenagers even when we didn’t know how to always respond with the thanks he deserved. Can’t wait to see you again Mr. Holmes!”

“Mr. Holmes was one of the teachers who inspired me to become a teacher. I’m so thankful for his positive influence in my and all of his student’s lives.”

“Such a sorrowful day, saying goodbye so unexpectedly to a man who impacted myself and so many others for Christ. Thank you Mr. Holmes for the example you set, we’ll miss you and look forward to seeing you again in Heaven.”

“This man taught much more than academics. From Howie I learned to love missions and view life’s challenges through a God-sized mindset, “In light of eternity, what does it matter?” Prayers and peace for his family.”

“Howie, you were dearly loved. Thank you for showing us all the face of Jesus every day in the way you treated everyone around you.”

“I will miss him dearly and am thankful for his influence on my life.”
“A true mentor at a time when I truly needed it. A man of the Lord and a great teacher.”

If we measure a life by the amount of impact a person has on the lives around him, the life of Howie Holmes was too large to measure. During his 18 years as a teacher and coach at FCS, Howie impacted hundreds of lives because he was committed to young people and was passionate about helping them find their place in this world and in God’s Kingdom. The most amazing thing about the hundreds of young men and women that he impacted is that if you asked each one of those FCS alumni, they would tell you that his influence was not just one whole student body, or ever one classroom at a time, but individually. Life on life. Each student (and each staff member, for that matter) who sat in his class, played on his team, or accompanied him on a Haiti mission trip still bears the marks of Howie’s influence today. He was at the same time mentor, friend, professor, coach, counselor, protector, and spiritual father to life after life after life. The Lord called Howie away from FCS to another passion, pastoring and preaching, about 10 years ago, but as we think of him today, it’s as if he never left.

Enjoy your new, indescribable closeness to Jesus, dear friend. It’s what you’ve always wanted. For yourself, and for all of us.