3 Ways Christian High Schools Provide Advanced Academics

Christian high schools have shown great results in their efforts to produce students that are competitive in the job and college market. In fact, recent studies have reported astoundingly positive results when examining private schools. Roughly 95% of private high school grads go on to four-year postsecondary institutions. Below are four ways that private Christian high schools provide a superior academic experience for their students.

1. Christian high schools often have small class sizes and provide more one-on-one attention to their students.

Studies have shown that smaller student-to-teacher ratios greatly enhance classroom learning ability. Teachers can learn and cater to each student’s unique learning style, allowing the student to learn more effectively. They also allow the teacher to have more time with each individual student, which personalizes the curriculum. This fosters a sense of community within the classroom and makes the student feel more comfortable to ask help when they need it.

2. Christian high schools have high graduation requirements and an additional support system that push their students to succeed.  

Stringent exams, community service requirements, and a helpful and supportive staff make sure that private school students are well-equipped to graduate. Students aren’t simply being passed through the system and are instead making progress in their academic careers. In addition, the teachers and staff provide a valuable support system that is integrated with a Christian worldview. That means that your student will not only be challenged to grow academically, but also spiritually.

3. Students who attend religious private schools also receive high standardized college test scores that make them competitive in the college market.

College-bound seniors who attend faith-based schools score an average of 110 points higher than the mean on the College Board’s SAT (the old or pre-2016) assessment, one of the two most popular college entrance exams in the country. In addition, students attending private high schools scored an average of 2.4 points higher on the ACT, another important college assessment. This small difference in scores can cause a large shift in percentiles, which is an important factor in college acceptance rates. The amount of scholarship money you receive is also based on ACT and SAT scores, which is a huge factor in the college search process.
As you are choosing where to enroll your student, consider the benefits that Christian high schools can provide. They’ll not only be challenged academically, but also spiritually. Plus, they’ll be in an environment that encourages the same values you’re teaching at home. Contact us today if you’d like to learn about Fredericksburg Christian School.