The First Day of Kindergarten–Together

The first day of kindergarten is a day your child will always remember. At Fredericksburg Christian School, YOU will remember it too, because you get to experience it with them.

Even though you’ve toured the school (if you haven’t had a tour yet, call us!), that first day at kindergarten is a special one, and children and parents alike benefit from attending together. Spending the first day together affords you both the opportunity to get to know the teacher, experience the classroom, and meet other children and their parents. “We want the first day to be a positive one for them,” says Amy Rudd, kindergarten teacher, “they have an important school year ahead of them. When the children come back the next day without their parents they feel more comfortable, and their teacher is not a stranger — they also know other children.”

Assessing A Child’s Readiness for Kindergarten

Before getting to that “first day,” Fredericksburg Christian School assesses your child to make sure they are ready for Kindergarten.

“We don’t expect the children to have all the skills when they get here,”  says Amy, “We just want to make sure they are developmentally ready to learn those skills.”

In this assessment the teacher will determine if your child is able sit for a period of time and if they are able to follow directions. The assessment helps us discover how they are doing with fine and gross motor skills and whether they have some letter recognition. These are a few of the things learned through this approach. Amy shares that some parents are nervous about the assessment. “We just want them to be successful and not struggle. Sometimes the best gift you can give your child is a little more time to be ready.”

Parents Sometimes Have Concerns

The kindergarten teachers are aware of the concerns parents have when putting their child in school for the first time. For some, it is the concern of releasing them into someone else’s care and knowing that they will be loved and nurtured. “We want to do everything we can to ease their concerns and make sure they know and feel they are in a safe place.”

Some parents are also concerned about how their child will behave at school. Amy’s experience tells her that most children behave very differently at school than what their parents might expect, and there is little need for that concern. “They just need to come in with a positive attitude,” said Amy.

A Bright and Loving Classroom Environment

When asked what the environment was like in her classroom, Amy stated, “We want the children to know they are loved. We learn their names very quickly, which makes them feel comfortable. Our classrooms are fun, bright and exciting. On Orientation Day we let them know about some of things they get to do throughout the year, which helps build excitement for them.”

Sometimes the children are even sent a letter from their new teacher during the summer, so when they get to school they have already established an initial positive contact.

The Value of Chapel

One thing that sets FCS apart is their desire for the students to understand and know Christ. They hold chapels that parents are invited to attend. At chapel they sing together, listen to a short and relevant message for their age level, and then one of the classes sings for the parents.

Knowing Jesus not only comes at chapel time, but it is incorporated in all subjects so the students will build a Biblical worldview.

The Teacher’s Perspective

When Amy was asked what the one thing is that she would like everyone to know she said,

“We create lessons strategically to help the students grow academically and want to ensure that they are prepared to move forward. We work on character development and want to see them grow socially and emotionally. Our greatest desire is to see them realize that Jesus loves them and that they come to know that He is with them in every aspect of their day. We want them to be little lights that shine brightly for Him!”