CHIP – Christian Homeschool Instructional Partnership

We want to support and encourage parents as educators to fulfill their God-given responsibility for the education of their children. We are excited to offer resources, services, equipment, and books to assist homeschool families. 

Train up a child in the way he should go,
Even when he grows older he will not abandon it.
Proverbs 22:6

Who is eligible?

Fredericksburg Christian School offers homeschooled students an opportunity to enroll in up to three upper school courses as regular Fredericksburg Christian School students.

  • Students in grades 9-12 are eligible to apply
  • Students can enroll in 1-3 classes (3 maximum); if multiple classes are desired, they should be scheduled consecutively, as only one study hall may be taken between desired classes
  • FCS reserves the right to determine eligibility for a class based on the age of a student (in order to avoid a wide age gap within classes; i.e. 14 year old students in classes with 18 year old seniors)
  • Admission into some classes is based on admission testing

Benefits for Students and Parents

  • Certified Instructional Staff
  • PLAN, PSAT, and ASVAB testing opportunities
  • Online access to grades
  • College counseling
  • Weekly Chapels
  • School transcripts and official cumulative school records provided
  • Official high school credit given for successful completion of work

Courses Offered

  • 3-D Art
  • Choir
  • Advanced Algebra 2
  • Consumer Chemistry
  • Advanced Chemistry
  • Consumer Math
  • Advanced English
  • Creative Writing
  • Advanced Geometry
  • DE Chemistry
  • Advanced US History
  • Dreamweaver/Flash
  • Advanced World Geography
  • Earth Science
  • Algebra 1, 2 & 3/Trigonometry
  • English 9, 10, 11 & 12
  • AP Calculus AB & BC
  • Entrepreneur
  • AP English Composition
  • French 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • AP English Literature
  • Geometry
  • American Government
  • In-Design/Photoshop
  • Anatomy
  • Microsoft Office
  • Apologetics
  • Orchestra
  • Art 1
  • Physics
  • Art 2 Drawing
  • Psychology
  • Art 2 Painting
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Band
  • Spanish 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Honors)
  • Bible (All Classes)
  • Statistics
  • Biology
  • US History
  • Calculus
  • World Geography
  • Chemistry
  • World History
  • Find course descriptions in the High School Academic Handbook

$1,000 per class, per school year
$100 application fee for testing
$350 technology fee



  • Parents:
    • As educational partners with FCS, familiarize yourselves with FCS philosophies, doctrinal statement, Core Purpose Statement, Core Values, Core Biblical Principles, Mission Statement, and Foundational Principles
    • Pick up students within 15 minutes of class dismissal
    • Pay all fees (FACTS Tuition Service or lump-sum payment)
    • Notify the high school office of absences
  • Students:
    • FCS Student Handbook must be read and signed
    • Arrive promptly at the start of class
    • Follow all guidelines for fulltime FCS students (including dress code)
    • Be aware of special days that could change class times
    • Attend weekly chapel as often as desired, but at least once quarterly
    • Complete accompanying summer work for any English class 
    • If staying after 4th period or desiring to buy lunch, enroll in the FCS prepaid lunch program
  • FCS:
    • Provide qualified, certified instructors for each class who are also Godly mentors and role models; teachers must meet stringent professional, personal and spiritual standards
    • Loan textbooks to each student
    • Maintain file of test scores and grades
    • Make standardized tests available for students to take each year

How to Apply

  • Complete our online application
  • Interview with high school principal
  • Complete placement testing
  • Receive class assignments upon availability (must meet any class prerequisites)

Note: Students currently enrolled in the traditional program of FCS may not enroll as a homeschool partner

We look forward to working with your family!