Parent Alert

Keeping up-to-date with Parent Alert.

The Parent  Alert System is used to notify families in the event of an unscheduled early dismissal, delay, or closing. Occasionally, the system will also be used to relay other important school announcements. Since Parent Alert is the primary means used to convey time-sensitive information, it is vital for all school families to use RenWeb and keep their profiles up-to-date.

RenWeb Participation Required for Parent Alert

All  families are provided with access to RenWeb and Parent Alert.  It is vital that you maintain a current profile so that we contact you using the communication channels you prefer.

Alerts Issued First

When there is uncertainty as to whether it will be necessary to dismiss early due to weather, please be aware that campus offices are not notified in advance of the Honeywell alert. The best way for you to ensure you receive the very latest information is to maintain your RenWeb profileThank you for your assistance with this vital communication tool.