Answer your biggest questions and get tips for preschool success in our 
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Is My Child Ready For Preschool? 
Discover the cognitive, physical, and emotional benchmarks that help indicate preschool readiness. 

What Types of Activities will be Included in my Child’s Day? 
Learn how different types of play, music, stories, and games nurture cognitive, physical, and 

social growth.

How Can I Help My Child Prepare for Success in School? 
Learn how you can foster readiness skills in your child and pray for them as they transition to a classroom environment. 

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Fredericksburg Christian School offers a nurturing, Christ-centered preschool experience for students ages 3-5.

"The faith integration, along with teachers who are passionate for Christ, is something I would not have experienced at any other school."

Rebekah Jarvis - EC Class of 2016
Cornell University

Read more of Rebekah's story and others like it here!

Finding the right private
school can be

Our FREE Start Smart e-book 
helps make the process easier.

Watch this Smart Video!

Watch this Smart Video!

Our FREE Start Smart 
e-book helps make 
the process easier.

Finding the right private school can be challenging.

Tablet Preview of E-Book - Ready for Success: A parent's Guide to Preschool Readiness

Preparing for Preschool?

Preparing for Preschool?

Tablet Preview of E-Book - Ready for Success: A parent's Guide to Preschool Readiness
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