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Download our interactive checklist and kindergarten readiness guide.

Are they ready?

 Are you?

“We love FCS! This is our 4th year at the school. Everyone from the administration to the bus drivers has the heart of every student as their number one priority. In addition to an amazing education, starting in Pre-K3, they teach the importance of manners, obedience, and self-control. They continue these lessons throughout the child's education. I love sending my children to a school where the teachers genuinely care about them! There is no other school in the area quite like FCS!”

Tablet Preview of E-Book - Kinder Ready: A guide for parents


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Download our interactive checklist and decide if they’re KinderReady.

A guide to knowing when your child is ready to start school

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We’re here to help you observe the skills your child has already mastered, while identifying areas to encourage them as they explore skills needed for kindergarten.

At Fredericksburg Christian School, we want to optimize your child’s natural curiosity by inviting them into our nurturing learning environment, when they (and you) are ready. We’re here to celebrate developmental milestones with you and team together as your child discovers independence and newly mastered skills, from self-advocacy to academic and spiritual growth.


Kindergarten readiness extends beyond academic development. At Fredericksburg Christian School, it’s about identifying your child’s God-given talents and what they do well, so that we can partner with you in their academic, emotional and physical growth—focusing on high-level skill sets that will help them be successful in life.

  • A comprehensive list of suggestions to test your child’s readiness for kindergarten, including academic, emotional and physical skills

  • Frequently asked questions, by parents like you

  • Overview of a day in the life of a kindergartner 

  • Invitation to visit our campus

KinderReady includes:

Tablet Preview of E-Book - Kinder Ready: A guide for parents

A guide to knowing when your child is ready to start school


A hand-drawn illustration of a pencil.
Photo of kindergarten girls singing and raising hands.
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Photo of two kindergarten students playing with blocks together.

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