In 2007, Marie clearly remembers one of the most difficult times in her life. Her husband,
Russell, was in the ICU. Marie Stanley was torn, not wanting to leave her husband’s side, yet also needing to be in two other places: her sister-in-law’s funeral and her grandchild’s first birthday. It could have been a real dilemma were it not for the friendships the Lord had built at Fredericksburg Christian School.

Marie began her time at FCS as a hopeful parent. She wanted to enroll her two daughters,
Kendra and Krissan, when they were young elementary students. Marie and Russell were
looking for a loving, biblically-centered place to educate both of their girls. At the time, FCS
didn’t have any openings, but Marie continued to pray throughout the entire summer.

Finally, the week before school began, Marie received a call from Mrs. Foss informing her there were two spots open.

She was elated, and that fall began an incredible journey for the entire Stanley family. Marie began volunteering and attending home Bible studies with other FCS parents. Strong
friendships were developed and bonds began to form.

A few years later, she received a call from Mr. Foss, asking her to work part-time at FCS. “The only thing part time about my job was the title and the pay,” Marie laughed.

Marie also remembers what it was like to be that new parent, full of questions needing to be answered. One question that was answered right away was whether her girls would be cared for.

When Kendra was in 4th grade, she had just been diagnosed with diabetes and was hospitalized for nine days. Marie remembers Mr. Allison, Kendra’s teacher, coming to the hospital several times to help her catch up on material she had missed. Marie asked, “Who does that?!”

“The best friends I have ever known are parents or other staff from FCS. They are my greatest joys of FCS.”

Those friendships have helped Marie through some difficult days.

In 2001, Russell was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He underwent several surgeries and spent four months in the hospital. He also loved being part of the FCS team, heading up the maintenance department. Unfortunately, due to his health, he had to make the difficult
decision to resign his position.

So many people prayed for Russell and supported the family through that challenging time. His daughter Kendra’s prayer was specific: she hoped her daddy would be there for her wedding.

God delivered by sustaining him so that he could walk her down the aisle and share in the
wedding celebrations.

Many other teachers and staff consistently went the extra mile for her family. Going back to that 2007 afternoon in the ICU, one Marie’s friends, Jackie Knutti, showed up to sit with Russell without being asked. That enabled Marie to go to her granddaughter’s birthday party and attend her sister-in-law’s funeral.

Sadly, on July 25, 2007, Russell went home to be with the Lord. Again, FCS became more than just a place where Marie worked. The Lord used relationships to minister to Marie and her family.

“When looking at major milestones in the life of my family, part of my FCS family has always been there,” Marie shares.

Throughout the 31 years that Marie has worked at FCS, she has worn several different hats. Now as the admissions director, she assists families as they complete the enrollment process.

She and her husband came to FCS looking for a new start for their daughters. Marie shares that what they got far surpassed any of their expectations. “FCS is a rare find. Our girls got a strong foundation spiritually, morally and academically. And along the way, the Lord built friendships for me that will last for a lifetime.”