On October 29, 2018, Ruth Ann Christianson braved the brisk fall weather to attend the
groundbreaking ceremony for the new elementary campus. There were also Fredericksburg
Christian School (FCS) families, staff, former staff, the building team, and the board of
directors— there to celebrate God’s blessing.

As a grandparent of two current students, Robbie and Matthew Christianson, Ruth Ann shared her gratitude that the Christianson family legacy, which is based on a strong foundation of faith, will continue for her grandchildren as the Lord builds a partnership between FCS and her family.

During the ceremony, Rick Yost, superintendent of FCS, shared that he had just spoken with Mr. Gary Foss. Forty years ago, Gary co-founded FCS along with his wife, Andra, (Andy).

Mr. Yost shared his recent conversation with Gary. “He told me that he had just heard a sermon at his church in California about Moses and his reluctance to do a very hard thing…appear before Pharaoh to make demands of him. The scripture used for that sermon, Exodus 4:2, as Gary reminded me, was one of the main passages of scripture that the Lord used to confirm in Gary and Andy’s hearts that they were to do a very hard thing…to start a Christian School. As Gary and Andy expressed to God their Moses-like reluctance to do this hard thing, He asked of them, just as He asked of Moses, ‘What is it that is in your hand’? In Moses’ case it was a shepherd’s staff. In Gary and Andy’s, it was that they were trained educators. It is obvious today that they listened, obeyed, and used that tool to do THIS.”

Not only did the groundbreaking remind us of Gary and Andy’s hard work and dedication, but also the dream of having all the Fredericksburg campuses on one location.

Ken and Maria Hubbard have two sons currently enrolled at the Lower Campus, Javier and
Antonio. They felt it was important to be at the groundbreaking because they love the spiritual foundation that their boys are receiving at FCS. Maria said,

“We want our boys to become godly young men, and we are thankful for the partnership we have with FCS.”

Marjorie Robinette, a former principal of the elementary campus of FCS, shared why it was
important for her to attend. “It is exciting to be at the groundbreaking because it is the
fulfillment of the dream that began so many years ago. A dream that will bring young people to a deeper understanding of the scriptures and to greater knowledge of the wonder of our Savior.”

Jan Duffy, a parent of four children who have already graduated from FCS, was also at the
ceremony. She shared, “When we first sent our children to FCS, it was all about giving them an education with a Christian worldview. As the years went by, our sight broadened and it became more about preparing the next generation to go into this world prepared to compete and stand for Christ wherever life takes them.”

The new elementary campus will be built on what used to be the baseball fields for the Upper Campus. The baseball fields are being relocated to the back 40 acres of the school property as part of the new athletic complex.

There’s a well-known sports saying, “Good players inspire themselves. Great players inspire others.” Gary and Andy Foss have spent a lifetime inspiring other people to love the Lord with your whole heart, to serve Him with all your strength, and to educate with excellence. The fulfillment of this groundbreaking—the new elementary building— is more than a reflection of their great play. It’s God’s faithfulness on display.


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