Key Features of the Best Christian Schools

If you are seeking the best Christian schools for your children, there are a few key features you need to look for. Not all private Christian schools are created equal. If you are going to invest your hard-earned funds into a Christian education, make sure it’s the best. Here’s how to find the ideal fit for your family through some

Barna Research: FCS is Delivering What Parents Want

This just in: according to the latest research, Fredericksburg Christian School is delivering exactly what parents want. Barna has reported an exhaustive study of the top needs of parents when it comes to what they are looking for in a private Christian school. Number one was safety, followed by quality teachers, academic excellence, and character development. Here’s a breakdown of

Getting Your Preschool Child Kindergarten Ready

There are many ways to help your child be kindergarten ready. They don’t need to be reading by themselves, or capable of sitting for 8 hours, to be ready for the classroom environment! However, there are some key ideas that your little one needs to understand. Working at home or letting them develop skills in a curriculum-based preschool are both

The First Day of Kindergarten–Together

The first day of kindergarten is a day your child will always remember. At Fredericksburg Christian School, YOU will remember it too, because you get to experience it with them. Even though you’ve toured the school (if you haven’t had a tour yet, call us!), that first day at kindergarten is a special one, and children and parents alike benefit