Developing Life Skills for Your 6th Grader

Developing life skills in your 6th grader may feel like an uphill battle. The middle school years can be hugely challenging for students and parents alike. The perfect storm of hormones, academic pressure, and excessive peer-drama can lead to your child resembling a raging pre-teen monster from time to time. And getting that monster to do their own laundry? That

Homeschool vs Private School: Finding the Best Fit

Choosing homeschool vs. private school for your child involves answering some very honest questions. There’s no one-size-fits-all education option for every child. Every child and every family are unique, and what works beautifully for one may be a challenge for another. To get you started, here are some pros and cons of each option to consider as you choose the

Starting A Habit of Family Prayer

Getting into the habit of family prayer can feel awkward in the beginning. What do you say? When do you do it? How formal does it need to be? The first step is to relax! Family prayer can be a beautiful, comforting part of your family’s daily dynamic once you get in the swing of it. Here are a few

Developing Emotional Maturity in Your Middle Schooler

Developing emotional maturity in a middle schooler may seem like an oxymoron. To say the middle school years are challenging for parents and children alike is an understatement. But despite how they might act, your child needs you more than ever before at this stage. Middle schoolers need careful nurturing and guidance to thrive during these difficult years. Believe it

Teaching Your Teen Biblical Values in Everyday Life

Teaching Biblical values to your teenager can feel like a daunting task. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of conflicting messages they are bombarded with on a daily basis. The influence of peers and media can seem all-consuming. But fear not, because your teenagers are listening to you far more than you may realize. No matter how

Academic Excellence and Spiritual Formation: Where They Meet

When planning for your child’s future success, academic excellence is always a priority. But academics and intellect aren’t everything; your student’s spiritual formation is just as critical a component to their overall wellbeing. You might be surprised to learn that academic excellence and spiritual formation overlap a great deal in the Venn diagram of success. They work hand in hand

Students within a college prep curriculum

Understanding College Prep Curriculum

There is a wide range of information concerning getting ready for college on the Internet, with most information leaning towards tips for being prepared. However, there is less discussion on choosing a college prep curriculum, with the focus primarily on STEM classes (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Usually this is done without incorporating the various aspects of proper citizenship, good student conduct, and personal discipline that it takes to accomplish

Advanced Academics: Not the Only Key to a Well-Rounded Education

Choosing the right school for your child is a critical decision that will have a lasting impact on your family. While a program that is rooted in Biblical principles will shape the person your child becomes, advanced academics also have a vital role to play.