Lower School


Dedicated to helping our PreK-3 through 5th grade students develop strong minds and Christ-centered values, our faculty and staff create an exceptional learning environment. Students are encouraged to sharpen their skills and form a lifestyle of learning, while our faculty partner with parents to reinforce the same values taught at home.

Parent's Perspective

“FCS is an extension of our family. It’s a place where our children are loved and nurtured and encouraged to explore the potential that God has given them.”

Current FCS Parent

Lower School News

What Our Preschool Parents Say

“An Extended Family”

FCS Preschool has been more to my family than just a place to send my son for education. It has been another home with an extended family to cry, smile, pray, and grow with.

-Preschool Parent

“Grown Socially, Academically, and in Faith”

My son has grown socially, academically, and with a faith deeper than I could have ever hoped for.

-Preschool Parent