Jasmine Carter, First Grade Teacher and FCS Alum

Miss Jasmine Carter, first-grade teacher and FCS alum, had a special treat for her students yesterday!

Miss Carter invited her FCS kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Donna Hilton, to come and share with her students. Mrs. Hilton, a retired FCS teacher, was honored to come, dressed as an angel, to help interactively share the nativity story! In full character, she excitedly told the students all she had seen as an angel at Bethlehem that night and brought costumes to guide them through the story and their parts.

Miss Carter shares, “I remember Mrs. Hilton always leading our chapels and doing fun things like this skit in the classroom when I was her student, and it always got me excited to learn more about the Lord. Today truly made me feel like a kid again, and I am so glad that my students got to experience a little snippet of her teaching and one of the influences of why I got into teaching.”

This truly felt like a full circle moment at FCS as Miss Carter currently teaches Mrs. Hilton’s grandson, first-grader Benjamin Williams. We are so grateful for how each generation at FCS impacts the next.