FCS Students Honor Veteran Grandfather

When FCS staff learned that a student’s grandfather would be on an honor flight from Florida landing in Washington DC in October, they got to work making cards for him while the honor band secured a spot at the airport to play in his honor. However, because of the devastating effects of Hurricane Ian in Florida, the honor flight was postponed. This didn’t stop FCS mom, Tammie M. from making sure the cards handmade by FCS students were delivered to her father, Earl Irwin. She was able to fly down and spend time reading each card to him. 

She said, “we both cried while reading through them.” 

They were both so touched that so many students that didn’t know him would be willing to send their notes of gratitude for his service. 

The mission of Honor Flight is to celebrate America‚Äôs veterans by inviting them to share in a day of honor at our nation’s memorials. More information about honor flights can be found here: https://www.honorflight.org/