Laura (Harrington) Heflin ’07

Living Healthy with Laura, Nutritionist

Alumni Business Spotlight

Laura (Harrington) Heflin had no idea where her career would take her when she graduated from Fredericksburg Christian School in 2007. She married her high school sweetheart, Chris, not long after graduation, and attended Germanna where she earned her Associates in Business.

As a newly-wed who was busy attending school, she realized her health had not been made a priority and became interested in understanding more about nutrition and wellness. She put in great effort to understand more about whole food eating and adopted an 80/20 mindset that promotes a healthy lifestyle while leaving room to enjoy life. Her drive to understand more about nutrition motivated her to become certified as a nutritionist through the American Fitness Professionals Association.

It has been eleven years since Laura first started working with clients as a nutritionist. Her motivation is to help her clients break up with dieting for good and learn how to fuel their bodies effectively! On Laura’s website you can find healthy, fulfilling recipes, as well as articles that educate and motivate others to live and feel their best. 

Of all Laura’s career accomplishments, she is perhaps most proud of the three books she has written. Live Healthy with Laura, her first book plays on her mission that motivates others to give up dieting for good by buying in to a whole food, healthy and balanced lifestyle. In her second book, Mama You Still Matter, she walks her readers through practical ways to take care of themselves while caring for those around them. A Glass Half Full, her third book, is a reminder to turn to God’s truth to help with your perceptions and outlook on life. All of her books are available through her website, or anywhere you can shop for books online!

Laura and her husband live locally with their two children, Scarlet (8) and Carter (5). Laura credits her English teacher at FCS, Dr. Barham, with pushing her to learn to write well in school, which gave her the confidence to achieve her goals.

Living Healthy with Laura