STEM Club Brings Home the Win!

In the spring of 2022, Fredericksburg Christian School sent a team of four young men to participate in the 2022 Innovation Challenge at Dahlgren, an event sponsored by the University of Mary Washington and the US Navy. The students met various times prior to the competition, growing their skills and completing multiple practice challenges. They joined together as part of the newly-created STEM Club.

STEM is an acronym standing for Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering

The team competed as one of fifteen teams that employed a collection of skills – coding, sensor integration, navigation, detection, command and control, verbal presentation, and more! – to program a robot. The robot needed to detect, acquire and destroy an enemy target, all while navigating a mat representing the sea and avoiding obstacles such as land masses and civilian shipping. 

By the end of the weekend only 2 teams had completed the challenge, with the FCS team taking home the winning trophy. The team feels excited about defending the trophy, extending the invitation that it’s “All Hands on Deck FCS!”.

In addition to the challenge itself, the participants were able to meet and listen to several dignitaries including an admiral and a local congressman. One student was even interviewed for a local news article.

Congratulations FCS STEM Club! We’re proud of you!