Alumni Update & Business Highlight: Shane’s Pristine Powerwash

Shane French set to work straight away after his senior year in 2004. His hard work landed him a job at the FBI Academy at the age of 20. Shane kept long hours in the evening at the Academy so that he could work on and grow his personal business, Shane’s Pristine Powerwash, during the day. Those long hours in the beginning of his business proved successful. Shane’s Pristine Powerwash, now serving the Virginia, Washington DC, and Southern Maryland area, began in 2012. Shane is currently in his twelfth year of business.

Shane’s Pristine Powerwash prides itself in great service and results, but for Shane, his work is much more than that. Shane views his company as much as a ministry as it is a product that he is proud of. One thing he is most proud of in regards to his business is how they use its platform to show Christ’s love to others. He has often hired people who have fallen on hard times, giving them opportunities to do work of which they can feel proud. Shane’s favorite verse, Philippians 4:13, is seen on many of their work vehicles, and their company’s giving to those who are less fortunate around Spotsylvania county has grown into a non-profit charity. It is through this charity that they are able to help many kids at Christmastime every year!

Shane’s biggest calling in life is his role of father and husband. He is so proud of his two sons, Hunter and Austin, and his baby girl, Reagan. Showing up for his kids and reliving his childhood with them is one of his greatest gifts. His wife, Kelly, is his best friend and the calm in his storm.

Shane credits many teachers at FCS for impacting his life tremendously. Dean Roper always made sure he knew that she cared about him as a person. Mr. Gideon took him under his wing and helped him personally in too many ways to count. Mr. Holmes held him accountable, but would always remind him of the potential he saw in him. Mr. Bisignano put extra time into Shane to help mold him into the man he is today. Lastly, he says he couldn’t forget Mrs. Puhera. Her smiling face was the first thing he saw at FCS most mornings and she was always a huge encouragement to him.

You can learn more about Shane’s Pristine Powerwash by heading to their website 

Shane, we are so proud of you! 

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