Louisa Holtby Hughes ’07

So grateful!

Alumna, Louisa (Holtby) Hughes (’07) reached out to our Alumni Coordinator this week to share a heartwarming story about her son, Israel (Izzy).

“Izzy came home from school on Wednesday and said that he had a substitute that day, but he couldn’t remember her name. All he could remember was that she was so much fun and he had the BEST DAY EVER! When I think of fun FCS staff from when I was a student, one person stands out! So, I went straight to Facebook and pulled up Mrs. Puhera’s page and asked him if this was his substitute. His reply was a big YES! I just love that the same wonderful, impactful staff that poured into my life are now pouring into the lives of my children!”

Do you have a story to share with us about your experience as an FCS Alumni who is now a current FCS Parent? Share with us by sending an email to our Alumni Coordinator at mswilliams@gofcs.org!