Daniel Hughes ’05

Greater Fredericksburg Area Realtor

Daniel Hughes (’05) graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2009 with a degree in Business Management and Leadership. He enjoyed attending CNU with many of his FCS friends. Daniel married his lifelong love and FCS alumna, Elizabeth Carpenter (’05), just weeks after their college graduation. 

While Elizabeth pursued her law degree after graduation, Daniel stepped into many various roles and experiences. One of the most influential roles he stepped into during that time was serving as a student pastor in King George at Gateway church. As Daniel was tasked with caring for and teaching a group of middle school and high school students, he felt the best of what he had experienced at FCS served as a foundation from which he led. He spent over four years in that role where God grew him immensely in his faith and in his understanding of God’s grace and love.

Ultimately, God had new plans for Daniel’s career. Over the past few years, Daniel has been following an exciting path in the greater Fredericksburg real estate market. Daniel helps his clients make smart, stress-free real estate transactions in the greater Fredericksburg area. He has found that it is not just a job for him, but his passion! The thrill of helping his buyers find the home or land of their dreams, and the smile on the face of his sellers when he is able to tell a client, “we sold it!” is what drives his professional joy. Daniel is proud to offer each of his clients his expertise, integrity, and a promise to add value to their home buying experience. One of the many reasons he loves his job is the flexibility this career has given him. He has found real estate also allows him to thrive in his role as dad, husband, brother, son, and friend at the same time.

Daniel credits Howie Holmes as one of the teachers that made an impact on him. Howie once challenged him in class to toss a ball or paper into a trash can from across the room. He made the shot! Mr. Holmes then said, “bet you can’t do it again.” Daniel tried again and missed by a mile. Mr. Holmes then leaned in and whispered, “always quit while you’re ahead.” Howie Holmes’ ability to instill solid life advice while leaving room for fun with his students was something that helped him connect to each of his students.

Daniel and his wife, Elizabeth have now been married over eleven years and share two children together who both attend FCS.

Daniel Hughes Realtor