Stephanie (Miller) Goudeau ’03

Alumna Stephanie (Miller) Goudeau attended Lee University and then transferred and graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Kiniseology – Physical Education in 2007.  Stephanie met her husband of 12 years, Jacob at Liberty University and they now reside in his home state of Louisiana with their three children; Griffin (8), Emmeline (6) and Poppy (6 months). They both are teachers at a Charter School in their area.

Stephanie has met this past year’s adversity with strength. She has not only added a baby to her family, but has also jumped into coordinating the online schooling program at her Charter School in Louisiana, continued her work as a Math/SPED teacher, and has completed her administration certificate!

When asked about the impact FCS made on her life, she recalls Howie Holmes and his reminder to always consider “In light of eternity what does it matter?” and the trips she took with him to Haiti on missions’ trips. She remembers Dean Roper as being a patient yet firm principal with her.  As a student athlete in both volleyball and basketball, she spent half of her high school career with Coach Jeff Shaeffer.  The impact he had as a coach and as a Christian continue to stick with her.