Else (Whelpley) Bartee ’11 – Owner of Else Bartee Photography

Alumni Update – Else (Whelpley) Bartee ‘11
Owner of Else Bartee Photography
Else, a 2011 graduate of Fredericksburg Christian School, states that one of her most impactful memories at FCS was being a part of a mission trip to South Africa. It was there that she had an incredible turning point and strengthening of her faith, and it was due to her experience there that she decided to work towards a degree in special education.
Else went on to attend Christopher Newport University where she earned her Bachelors of Art in Psychology and minored in Childhood Studies.
Directly after college she used her degree to teach at a school for students with autism in Newport News, VA.
In 2015, Else met her husband who had been stationed at Langley Air Force Base. One year later they were engaged, and another year and one deployment later, they were married in May of 2017.
They now reside in the Panhandle of Florida on the Gulf coast with their baby, Sophia Grace, whom they welcomed in August of 2020.
Else returned to school to earn her M.S. in Digital Marketing and Advertising and officially opened her photography business, Else Bartee Photography, in August of 2019. You can find her work here on her website at www.elsebarteephotography.com.
Thank you, Else, for keeping your FCS family updated on the new and exciting things you are doing! We’re proud of you!