A Picture of Perseverance

Savannah Webb, alumni, shares her testimony

Savannah Webb, Class of ’20, is a photographer and loves that photos can be great storytellers. But even the best pictures don’t always tell the whole story.

If you looked at Savannah’s senior picture today, you would see a hard-working student who is president of the National Honor Society, editor of the FCS Yearbook, and author of the student blog on the FCS home page. You may even know she has attended mission trips, leadership conferences, and yearbook workshops. But beyond this picture of a bubbly, engaged student, lies a story of a young woman who has walked through some challenging times. 

Savannah transferred to Fredericksburg Christian School from a public school halfway through 8th grade and immediately noticed the difference. She loved FCS, loved going to school each day and loved the new friendships she developed.

Once Savannah began high school, however, she faced a very difficult situation. Savannah experienced a major conflict with another student and it was devastating. “The people I thought were friends, turned away from me and I felt so alone. It was one of the most difficult things I have gone through.”

One night she poured her heart out to the Lord and asked Him to show her how to get through it. Savannah confided in her mom and they turned to Dean Roper for help. Dean Roper intervened and things improved right away. Because of the support that Dean Roper provided, the conflict ended and Savannah began the healing process.“This painful experience helped me learn about forgiveness and giving people second chances,” Savannah said. 

Savannah relied on her family and the Lord to find healing. She looked forward to going to school again and slowly but surely found the strength to move on. Her foundation in God played a huge part in restoring her joy.

When Savannah was young, she went to church and knew God loved her, but it wasn’t until she attended Young Life in 6th grade that her spiritual life changed. She explained, “I had a mentor there that did so much for me and my walk. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have the relationship that I do with God.”

As she reflects on her time at FCS, she is also excited about what lies ahead. She’s busy preparing for college and looks forward to pursuing a career in journalism. “I love the chance to meet people and want to tell their stories.”  As the Lord directs her path, we can’t wait to read the next chapter in her story.