Clarification on Upper School Assignments & Due Dates

Please note this clarification on assignments and due dates.

What days will lessons be posted?
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: English, Math, Foreign Language, and Science
Tuesdays and Thursdays: Bible, Social Studies, and electives

When are assignments due?
Assignments given on Monday are due Wednesday
Assignments given on Tuesday are due Thursday
Assignments given on Wednesday are due Friday
Assignments given on Thursday are due Tuesday
Assignments given on Friday are due Monday

For example:  Assignments given on Monday are due Wednesday. The assignment will be considered one day late on Thursday, two days late on Friday, etc.

While it is recommended to turn assignments in before beginning the next lesson, assignments will be considered on time as long as they are turned in by the end of the day on the assigned due date.

The exceptions are long-term projects with later due dates. Your teachers will be sure you are aware when those projects/assignments are due.

Students should work very hard this weekend to get caught up on any work that was assigned this week that was not turned in so it will not be considered late.