Online Learning Family Tips

Online Learning Family Tips


  • Create a study space

Create a dedicated study space where your child can work, if possible without distractions. It’s not always possible to study without distractions, but there are things you can do. Turn off mobile phones, put it on airplane mode or move it away.  Turn off the TV. Play instrumental music if background noise is needed. Keep a box with useful school supplies such as paper, pens, books, etc.  This eliminates the opportunity to procrastinate by looking for supplies.

  • Schedule in studying time and your breaks

Create a set time to work on one subject at a time depending on your child’s ability.  For some students it can be 30 to 40 minutes and then a break is needed. Others can work for an hour to an hour and a half before needing a break.  Use a timer to help your child manage their time. Make sure to schedule breaks as well. This can be a time where your child can get up and move and have a snack if needed.

  • Give them a healthy snack in between their learning

 Giving them a snack in between study sessions allows them to take a break and have their brain rest.  It also gives them a boost of energy to allow them to complete their tasks.

  • Ask for help

If your child is stuck on something, if possible look to other classmates for support.  The teachers are also available through email and will be checking their email twice daily.

  • Organize your work

Make a checklist of things that need to be completed and prioritize them.  Create a designated space to save completed school work such as a labeled folder or binder. Folders could even be set up on your computer by subject for quick access.

  • Don’t be attached to what you think their work or studying should look like

Remember this is new for your child and they are trying to figure out what works for them and what doesn’t.   Allow them to move if needed. Some kids may need to stand. Others may need the use of a fidget. Many kids think and focus better when they are allowed to have some movement.   As long as it is getting done and they are trying their best, be flexible on how it may look.