Nailing Down a Life of Service

“Taking the lady to labor and delivery was one of the more nerve-wracking moments,” Amaya recalled. “She came in ready to have her baby and kept yelling that the baby was coming. My supervisor asked me to get her to labor and delivery, and as I pushed her wheelchair,

“I was praying the whole time in the elevator that her baby wouldn’t choose those few moments to arrive!”

Amaya Roane, class of 2019, was describing just one of the many memorable days she has had while serving as a junior volunteer at Mary Washington Hospital. “Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion in my heart to help people.”

Amaya began attending FCS as a kindergartener. By fifth grade, she remembers having her own epiphany, connecting all the Biblical truths she had been learning over the years at school during Bible, in chapel each week and at church. That was when she turned her life over to the Lord, who has been nurturing and challenging her ever since.

A few years ago, when Amaya was a busy sophomore at FCS, she heard about the junior volunteer program at Mary Washington Hospital and jumped at the opportunity. After a long interview process, she was selected for the program. Amaya has served for three summers, helping nurses and patients, learning about the health care field, and playing an important role in the smooth operation of the hospital.

“I love volunteering at the hospital. It has opened up new interests for me.”

Her first summer working at MWH, she was selected to be the communications director for the other junior volunteers. Amaya recalled her supervisor simply handing her a walkie-talkie and then quickly moving on to care for patients, trusting that Amaya would be able to handle it. At the time, Amaya was a shy person who preferred to stay in the background. “But here I was, suddenly put in this uncomfortable situation.”

“God used that experience to bring me out of my shell and show me that He could use me as a leader.”

While serving at MWH, Amaya fell in love with the idea of becoming a nurse. She watched the nurses as they worked and saw how their care and concern could make such a difference in their patients’ lives. One summer, inspired by the nurses’ commitment, she got the other volunteers together to make cards for the patients on their floor. “We just wanted to bring some kindness into their lives.”

Amaya is preparing to attend Wilkes Barre University in the fall of 2019, in part because they offer an excellent nursing program. As busy and ambitious as ever, she will also be continuing her softball career there and plans to be involved with the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps as well.

Amaya is so thankful that her parents made the commitment to send her and her brother,
Sabin, to FCS. Sean and Julie Roane always wanted their children in a strong Christian school.

They believe that building a great educational partnership is vital, so that the faith they live out at home is demonstrated for their children at school too.

They are excited to see what the Lord is doing in Amaya’s life. Julie said, “We look forward to seeing how God’s divine and perfect plan will order Amaya’s every step.”

The foundation that her family and FCS have provided Amaya will no doubt provide support as she continues to grow in the Lord and in her service to others.