Christian School Curriculum Guide for Elementary School

Parents want to be able to see a Christian school curriculum guide for their child. Particularly when you’re investing in a faith-based education, you want to know that your dollars are being well spent on the most well-rounded curriculum available. Here is what you can expect to find, overall, from the best Christian elementary schools.

Christian school curriculum guide: a focus on the Bible

At the finest Christian elementary schools, you will find that the Bible is artfully interwoven into every subject. Students will be taught a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ from their earliest school years, and learn the overall narrative of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation.

Christian school curriculum guide: reading, writing, and literature

A core component of any fine elementary education is literacy. A private Christian school will ensure that each student learns to read with competence and confidence as early as possible, and develops a lifelong love for the written word.

Christian school curriculum guide: early STEM education

The earlier students begin their educations in science, technology, engineering, and math, the better. A solid STEM education prepares young people for greater success throughout their academic careers and beyond. The best elementary schools are immersing children as young as kindergarten age in top-notch STEM education.

Christian school curriculum guide: the arts

Children are never too young to build a deep, lifelong appreciation for the arts. The finest elementary schools help their students fall in love with the arts from the start. Arts programs enrich a child’s entire education and their whole life. Look for schools that offer music, visual arts, dance, and theater on the elementary level for the most well-rounded education possible.

Christian school curriculum guide: foreign language

There is no better time for a child to learn a second (or third) language than in the preschool and elementary years. Their young minds are far more plastic and can actually physiologically “grow” language, rather than having to exhaustively “learn” it. The best schools take advantage of this unique window in child development to help students learn a new language fluently.


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