Affording Christian School Tuition for Multiple Children

So you have a growing family, and you’re wracking your brain on how to afford Christian school tuition for all of your children. If a Christ-centered education is important to you, there are many avenues to make it achievable for your whole family. Spend dedicated time discussing your priorities with your significant other, and then invest time in crunching your budget. Take a hard look at your finances and see where there’s room to wiggle and room to trim. Making a solid game plan together, starting today, will help you achieve your educational goals for your family. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Explore multi-child discounts on Christian school tuition

Many private Christian schools offer discounts to families who have more than one child enrolled. Often, the discount grows with the addition of each new student. Schedule a meeting with a financial advisor at the school to go over all of your options in detail. They will best be able to direct you to the right programs and services that will help meet your needs.

Consider employment at your school of choice

Employees at private Christian schools often receive discounted tuition for any children who may attend. It also opens up the wonderful opportunity to see your child throughout the school day and share the same holidays and school breaks.

Take advantage of variable tuition

Variable tuition allows families to pay for their children’s tuition on a sliding scale based on income and need. The goal of any Christ-centered academy is to open up educational opportunities to as many families as possible. They should be willing to work with you carefully and compassionately to help you achieve your family’s educational goals.

Explore the possibility of scholarships and grants

Many schools, churches, and even denominations offer scholarships and grants for K-12 private Christian education. Start pounding the proverbial pavement (i.e., Google) to see what is available in your area and what you may qualify for. Be willing to cast a wide net and apply for everything you can. There are also tax breaks available in many states (including Virginia) for parents paying for private school tuition. There may be more assistance available to you than you imagined!