Barna Research: FCS is Delivering What Parents Want

This just in: according to the latest research, Fredericksburg Christian School is delivering exactly what parents want. Barna has reported an exhaustive study of the top needs of parents when it comes to what they are looking for in a private Christian school. Number one was safety, followed by quality teachers, academic excellence, and character development. Here’s a breakdown of what the data found, and how Fredericksburg Christian School is meeting those needs with excellence.

A Safe Environment for Your Children

Barna found that “A safe environment is the most essential feature when choosing a school for parents of both current (98% essential) and prospective (94%) Christian school students. Safety can mean anything from a toxin-free building or a padded playground to bullying prevention. However, it can also include “cultural safety,” such as feeling safe to ask questions or express doubt, learning to work through differences or a general sense of belonging and respect.” Fredericksburg Christian School prides itself on making their students’ safety their top priority. From thoroughly vetted teachers and staff to a secure campus to an environment where opinions and worldviews can be heard in a safe space, FCS is leading the charge in school safety.

Quality Teachers and Philosophy of Education

Fredericksburg Christian School only hires the exceptional, caring, and highly-educated teachers. Our educators are the shining stars of our school; they are not only great at their jobs, but they truly love teaching. Only the best, most passionate educators will do. “Teachers who really care about their students” (98%) is what ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) parents are most likely to say is essential (tied with safety at 98%), followed closely by “accessible teachers,” which slightly fewer (94%) said was a necessity.”

Academic Excellence

Of course, academic excellence is at the forefront of Fredericksburg Christian School’s priorities. Our students are prepared for college and career by the finest, most thorough education available. Our students are given the tools to excel in whatever endeavor they choose. Barna research found that “Academic excellence is a top priority for parents of both current and prospective Christian school students. Nearly all current Christian school parents (95%) say it is essential. For prospective parents, that number is slightly lower, at 88 percent.”

Character Development & Spirituality

Above all else, Fredericksburg Christian School aims to produce students who love the Lord, exude a spirit of compassion, and work hard to make the world a better place. Fostering a loving knowledge of Jesus Christ is our top priority as an institution. Barna research found that this is essential to Christian school parents as well. “Current and prospective parents both give high priority to “intentionally developing children’s character” (current: 94%, prospective: 73%). But in addition, current parents especially desire spiritual development for their children. This reinforces the above findings showing how most current Christian school parents believe that character and spiritual development are among the ultimate purposes of education.”

The numbers don’t lie. Fredericksburg Christian School is exceeding the most essential needs of parents and students in our community, and we couldn’t be more proud.