Why Christian School Values Matter

When choosing the perfect educational environment for your child, you might be asking yourself, “Do Christian school values really matter? Will a Christian school really make a difference in my child’s life? Is it worth the investment?” These are all valid questions. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, settle in, and consider these thoughts:

1. Christian school values can truly make the world a better place.

The teachings of Jesus have the power to forge each of us into the very best people we can be. A school that values love, mercy, grace, and compassion will provide an exceptional environment for any child. Christian school values will emphasize a global perspective, a selfless attitude, and profound love for mankind. A child who internalizes these core values and makes them their own will not just be a great student, but a great citizen of the world.

2. Children need values reinforcement.

Ever feel like you’re trying to get through to a brick wall when you’re talking to your child? If so, you’re not alone. But fear not; no matter how it may seem on the outside, they are listening. And even more importantly, they are watching. The values you communicate at home, especially through your actions, are forming the fiber of your child’s inner compass. If those same healthy values can be reinforced during the school day, it will strengthen that inner fiber in your child.  This will help them form a strong moral compass for themselves. “We are what we repeatedly do,” Will Durant observed in summarizing Aristotle. Repetition and consistency are profoundly important in a child’s life, and choosing a school that reflects the values of home will aid in that.

3. Students need great role models.

Exposing your child to healthy role models in as many areas of their life as possible will only serve to reinforce your values. And if the values of Jesus Christ can be communicated with love and grace during the school day, all the better. The more positive influences that are speaking the same truths into your child’s life, the better the result will be. Giving your child that kind of foundation for life will be irreplaceable.

4. Christian school values teach great habits.

“Could the young but realize how soon they will become mere walking bundles of habits, they would give more heed to their conduct while in the plastic state,” William James wrote. Christian school values will continually communicate the importance of hard work, dedication, humility, compassion, and love. These ingredients, over time, will cook up into a really excellent human being.

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