Creating a Competitive Christ-Like Culture

Luke Sellers’ Vision for FCS Athletics

Fredericksburg Christian School’s Athletic Director, Luke Sellers, understands that “God never promises a bed of roses.” But just as a garden that needs to be constantly tended, sports are able to teach young athletes valuable lessons that they will carry through school and into their future.

Finding Christ

Growing up in Fredericksburg, Luke attended a sports camp held by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at FCS every summer. Having grown up in the public school system, this camp helped Luke find the Lord. Luke continued to remain involved while in high school, helping the camp out each summer.

After graduating high school, he played football for Randolph Macon College in Ashland, Virginia where he started an FCA Huddle with his teammates. Like most college graduates, Luke was on the fence about what career path he was going to take. However, his love for sports and Christ brought him back to FCA as a full time missionary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

While helping out at the FCA camp back in 2015, Luke was approached by the former athletic director, Chris Mandell. Chris informed him that the position for athletic director at FCS would be opening. With Fredericksburg being home for both Luke and his wife, he decided to apply for the job. After much prayer, Luke received an offer and was able to bring his family home to Fredericksburg.

The Three C’s

During his first year as athletic director, Luke concentrated on learning the basics. From scheduling to learning about FCS’ competing teams, he had a lot on his plate. As he grew into the position, Luke was ready for more and began implementing the culture he envisioned for the athletic department.

Using the lessons learned throughout his years working with FCA, Mr. Sellers looked to build a Competitive Christ-like Culture–known as the Three C’s. Luke and FCS believe that their athletes represent something much larger than the name on their jerseys. The school represents Christ through athletics in a way that glorifies Him. They win the right way, and lose the right way, while still having the same competitive drive as any other athlete. After all, there is nothing Christ-like about not giving it your best.

FCS is one of only three religious schools in the area, which means many of their matches and meets are against secular schools. Before each event held at FCS there is a prayer, which may be the only prayer the opponents ever hear. Luke sees this as an opportunity to share the Gospel in the right way.

With his sights set on creating a Christ-like culture, Luke is dedicated to building relationships with each athlete, coach, and parent.

With the belief that relationships are meant to last longer than just high school, Luke hopes that FCS alumni will continue to be passionate for their school and its mission.

From being a college athlete to attending FCA’s sports camp as a kid, Luke has a unique passion for his job. Motivated by the joy he sees in each athlete–even during the hard times–Luke is able to understand how much of an impact sports can have on someone’s life. Sports can put athletes through trials that are unexpected, such as defeat or injury. Though the games can be hard at times, it’s the dedication, loyalty, and respect that prepare each individual for life. 

There is something unique about the lessons learned
and relationships built as a young athlete. Luke Sellers understands this importance and dreams of growing the FCS athletic program into a Competitive Christ-like Culture that glorifies God.

Coach of the Year | Martin Chang

This was Martin’s first year as Head Coach of the Varsity Boys Soccer team. Martin was unanimously named Coach of the year for D2 DAC. The boys finished 14-7 overall and 6-2 in conference play. This is a huge turnaround from last year where the boys were 2-6 in conference play.


The FCS Football team had a great season, finishing 4-6 overall and 6th in the state. This is an outstanding improvement from 2 seasons ago when the Eagles did not win a game. With a young team, and every player but 4 returning, the Eagles look to add more checks in the win column next year! Offensive Lineman Nate Piser, Defensive Linebacker Michael Kriegshauser, and Defensive Back Aaron Johnson were named 1st team All-State Players for the season. Aaron Johnson was named 2nd team All-State Offensive Running back as well.

Field Hockey

FCS Field Hockey, another very young team starting mostly underclassmen, had an incredible year! 2 years ago the Eagles went 1-10 and this past season they finished 5-9. The Eagles scored a total of 31 goals during the season, compared to 8 goals two season ago. McKenzie Webb was named 2nd team All State Field Hockey Player. Coach Lauren Brooks has done a fantastic job with the Field Hockey program.

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