From the Desk of Rick Yost

As I write this just 45 days into the 175-day school year, I can say that by almost any measure we’ve had an absolutely great start. Enrollment is strong from Pre-K to High School; our measures of academic strength from last year are very positive, exceeding the previous year; and our commitments to Biblical integration and spiritual development are being demonstrated throughout our school system on a daily basis. The Lord has been good to provide the right faculty, staff, students, and parents to bring us to this level of strength.

But the measures of our success do not just include highlights, statistics, and success stories. The truest indicator of how we are succeeding in our mission is this: how are our graduates and former students impacting their world? How do they apply their knowledge and learned skills? Do they apply them using Biblical principles, emanating from minds that think Biblically? Do they apply Godly wisdom in their decisions and guide their families so that the generations that follow them will also think Biblically about their world?

These are outcomes that we think about a lot at FCS. They influence our decisions about curriculum, programs, schedules, hiring practices, budgets, and even building plans. In the full swing of this school year, and with so many great things ahead, I’m reminded of
our goal: to educate Christian leaders for life.