Leaders Grooming Leaders

Caleb Eames graduated from FCS in 1995, and nearly 21 years later, he still believes that Fredericksburg Christian School was the most influential step that prepared him for his future. In his experience, FCS prepares leaders, and the course of his future was shaped by this FCS commitment.

In his words, “We are living in a time when our nation needs leaders and FCS is the kind of school that delivers on that promise…FCS is “leaders grooming leaders.”

Capt. Eames currently serves as the Deputy Public Affairs Officer for Marine Corps Installations Pacific – Marine Corps Base Butler, Okinawa, Japan. He anticipates additional education stateside in the coming months that will help him to continue growing in the field he has become passionate about. FCS provided him with “the best possible foundation,” to see him through many diverse experiences in his career to this point. While assigned as a Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Specialist (called an “NBC”), he was sent to ground zero in the aftermath of 9/11. Other service locations have included Iraq, Africa, and Asia, where the single constant in his life was not location, but the imperative to “be a witness”– a lifestyle that was cemented during his time at FCS.

While serving in the military and stationed in Iraq, Caleb became passionate about spreading the word about the work of our armed forces. While there, he witnessed important stories that didn’t translate properly from the battlefield to the news. Seeing this disconnect led him to make a career shift toward public affairs. Shortly after that, he received a commission enabling him to make public affairs his focus.

Throughout his service, family has been another constant. His three children, ages 2, 7 and 10, have learned to live their faith in the same way that Caleb experienced while in school. For Caleb and his wife Monette, mission work has been a lifestyle. The whole family has enjoyed trips around the region, especially their opportunities to serve in the Philippines.

A favorite mission experience happened one Christmas as the family worked in an orphanage. The lesson of thankfulness was well taught with simple holiday gifts — the children received just a washcloth for Christmas that year. His children received the same gift as the children living in the orphanage.

His time at FCS is what helped prepare Caleb for this incredible journey, and he still looks back on his time there for inspiration. Caleb started at FCS when he was in the third grade. From that time, through his high school graduation, he vividly remembers teachers who were consistently caring and passionate. Some stand out teachers included Mrs. Raney and Dave Schlee.

Mrs. Raney provided English instruction for juniors and seniors. These English classes were very demanding but were also instrumental in helping Caleb prepare to excel in college. Caleb also remembers the impact that Dave Schlee had on his life. Mr. Schlee led students on a journey through history from a Christian worldview and taught Bible classes where Caleb developed a greater appreciation and understanding of scripture.

FCS combines a strong commitment to academic excellence with an equally strong commitment to values and mentorship. Technology is an integral part of the curriculum, along with an understanding of the dangers and benefits of a technological society. Every lesson incorporates a biblical interpretation, bringing faith into academics. By prioritizing integrity, hard work, and leadership, FCS works to graduate strong leaders with a moral and biblical foundation.

Caleb believes that the learning environment at Fredericksburg Christian School is important to the development of faith. He describes an experience where faith was not just an intellectual focus, but was also lived in the classroom and during extracurricular experiences. Having the opportunity to participate in missionary work during his school years made a real impact, and helped prepare him for the diverse communities and nations in which he has served.