College Prep Checklist: Senior Year

College can be scary, exciting, and stressful all at the same time.  In Junior year of high school, you took important steps for getting into a great college. While your last year of high school is often less stressful, there are still some crucial things to move you toward graduation. Here are seven tips to help high school Seniors with college prep.

College Prep Checklist

1. Work, work, work: Seniors need to keep up their grades all the way until the end of the year. It may not affect getting into a college but scholarships are still in danger until after graduation.

2. FAFSA: Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Visit the website and create an account. Do not wait to submit it. Have it completed by February.

3. Testing, is this thing on? Make sure you have completed the required standardized tests: SAT or ACT. Submit your scores to all the schools you applied to

4. Scholarships: Visit the guidance counselor at your high school. They have access to every scholarship both local and for your specific school. Get as much information from them as possible about how to apply, deadlines, and which ones you are eligible for.

5. Important documents: Make sure all your college applications have the following: Letter of recommendation from teachers, Complete transcripts, Special awards/achievements you have received, Test scores from SAT/ACT, Personal essay, and Application fee

6. SAR: The Student Aid Report comes after you submit your FAFSA. It gives you an idea about what state funds are available to you. You can choose to accept the whole amount, or less. It is important for seniors to understand this document so they know what loans or grants they have received.

7. Explore: Have fun checking out two or three different college campuses. Do not just settle on one because it is close or it’s the right price.

Good luck, Seniors!