10 Good Study Habits for College Prep

Preparing a loved one for college can be overwhelming for both the future college student and the parents. With this in mind, consider that college prep starts early, as many of the skills and habits will be solidly in place by the time the student begins applying for college. Therefore, the student must engage in good study methods now; they become a routine and a habit when the time comes to secure a college placement.

10 Great Study Habits For College Prep

10. Develop A Study Mindset

Approaching studying as a chore or task will develop the wrong mindset. A study-based mindset is one that considers the task of studying as an opportunity to further oneself and one’s future goals. Do not focus on what cannot be done, but only on what can be done.

9. Use a Good Study Location

A crowded coffee shop or sitting around with friends is not conducive to good study habits. A quiet location with as few distractions as possible is the optimal place to study. Find someplace that is comfortable, and limit the time spent in that location to studying to avoid becoming complacent.

8. Only Take What You Need To Study

At the study location, a person really only needs necessary study materials. Other objects or materials present the opportunity for distraction. Having odds and ends in your study location only serve to sway the focus of the person studying.

7. Take Advantage Of Mnemonics Or Memory Games

Using mnemonics or memory games, such as flash cards and other devices, can help with memorization.

6. Take Time To Rewrite Notes

Taking notes is a good study method because, by taking the time to rewrite the notes, the brain has more opportunity to absorb the information and commit it to long-term memory. It is not being redundant; it is taking the time to look for something that might otherwise have been missed.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

From practice examinations to practicing writing a paper, perfect practice does indeed make perfect.

4. Make A Study Schedule

Having a consistent time of day in which to engage in focused studying allows a person to better use the limited time resources available. Budgeting time is a key aspect to College Prep.

3. Take Breaks

The brain can achieve a full feeling just like other organs. Taking occasional, short breaks allows the brain to use the downtime to fully absorb and process the information it received.

2. Stay Healthy

Being sick will distract greatly from studying. The body must remain as healthy as the mind, and this means taking the steps to be healthy: eating well, getting regular exercise and having enough sleep.

1. Believe In Oneself

Finally, a belief in oneself is crucial to studying hard and achieving goals. A “Can Do” attitude means taking all the above College Prep steps and putting them together to make the future happen.
No list of study tips, good habits, or methodology will work for every person.
Each student must discover what works and what doesn’t work. Keep what does and discard what does not. College Prep is important and a great way to secure a strong future.